Zen Fountain – Bringing Wonders Across Continents

The origins of zen fountain are Japanese. In most homes, the Japanese have a zen place or a zen garden which is located at the center of the house. This place somehow replicates a mini version of a forest or a garden of sorts. The garden is designed with very specific and detailed items. The right amount of pebbles, the right size of stones, and the right amount of trees. Most of the time, they even find a way to miniaturize certain trees and plants to make it fit in this garden. This process called bonsai is their own way of bringing a sense of nature into their household, an attempt to capture the essence of zen into their homes, being one with nature and finding their balance. These zen gardens have their function in the Japanese homes as a place for them to meditate and find some form of tranquility and calm in their abode.

Zen fountains have become popular with Americans in the last decade or so. These are the bonsai versions of items that carry stone, water, wood and earth and are considering bringing tranquility, peace and good fortune to the household. There are table top versions that are quite inexpensive and easy to maintain and use. These table top zen fountains come in quick to assemble pieces that include a marble like container resembling a rectangular or hexagonal shallow flower pot, some stones and a small bamboo pole which acts as the fountain head for the piece. Once assembled, add some water and then plug the outlet of the zen fountain for it to start. The ripple of water hitting the stones continuously creates a tranquil and calming effect. It has always been popular in Asian Homes and with the acceptance of feng shui to western culture, these zen fountains have been gaining acceptance to more households. The tabletop versions are also becoming popular as Christmas gifts to friends and families. These can be placed at any home and at any place because of its size.

It is like a return to the past with these zen fountains that amidst the concrete jungle of urban life, there is a spot dedicated to preserving a form of nature in any home. Moreover, these fountains have a deeper function in aiding you to finding your center whenever you feel stressed and pressured. It has its rejuvenating aspects that when found, prepares one for the week ahead and the grinds and toils that the jobs and occupations you have entail.