Your Food is a Fountain of Youth

There may not be a fountain of youth that will make you look and feel younger simply by taking a bath but that doesn’t mean you have no choices. The good news is that the foods you eat can have a huge impact on how long and healthy you live. It only takes a few small life choices and your body will start to transform itself.

The diet industry is huge and people have spent their money on everything from weight loss pills to amazing belts that melt away the fat. The problem is that all of this stuff is a complete waste of people’s money. They aren’t any more likely to lose weight on these gimmicks then if they gorge themselves on ice cream and cookies.

“What we know is that diets rich in fruits and vegetables appear to be much healthier, leading to less chronic disease and lower healthcare costs, but it’s less clear how any specific dietary items affect longevity,” says Hubert Warner, PhD, who is an associate director of the biology of aging program at the prestigious National Institute of Aging (Casey, 2006).

-Fruits and vegetables are pretty simple- you might think. The problem is that few people truly eat many fruits and vegetables. They shove into their mouth highly processed and fatty meals that only contain a little fruits and vegetables. If you want to live longer you are going to have to integrate these healthier foods into your life.

That means cutting out the pasta, highly processed foods and the manufactured fat and cooking those old fashion foods like your grand mother did. The difference between today and yesteryear is that people today buy everything from the supermarket and are more likely to buy ready made meals. In your grand mothers time the food was either on their family farm or was in the stores directly from the farm.

The wife during these times could make great ethnic meals with nothing more than some vegetables, a little meat, some bread and spices (There weren’t as many spices available back then). If you were to take a look at most ethnic recipe books you will find that a majority of them contained lots of vegetables.

If we add up the effects of lots of vegetables and fruit with modern medicine it is possible that people could live almost 10 years longer then they currently are. The concept is simple, the goal is worth, and all you need to do is act today and live tomorrow.

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