Write The Poetry Of Your Life With Fountain Pen Inks

Robert sat in his leather wingback chair, facing the window with the rain beating on the glass. He could see the decaying foliage on the tree outside, and then, he noticed a bird lighting on a bare branch, who began singing. Robert, entranced, listened to the little avian for a few moments, then reached over his desk for the ink bottle and his favorite fountain pen. The blank page before him offered a creative space for his imagination to flourish, and the lines of a poem flowed out of the nib of his pen. This, too, could happen to you when you are prepared with the appropriate fine writing instruments and bottled ink for fountain pens.

Although you could simply reach for a common plastic disposable ballpoint pen when you get the urge to write, you can turn that ordinary experience into something special by using your fountain-style pen and fountain pen ink bottle. We all have enough disposability in our lives, but what many of us crave is to have a lasting impact on the world. In order to accomplish this, you may decide to commit your thoughts to paper, and one of the most sophisticated ways to do that is to use a beautiful fountain pen and bottled ink.

The Memory Lingers On

The amazing lyricist Ira Gershwin wrote those words, set to music brilliantly by his brother, the composer George Gershwin, as part of the verse to They Can’t Take That Away From Me. You can also create your own memories in writing when you take your trusty ink bottle and refill your fountain pen.

The ink bottle can be filled with your favorite varieties of bottled ink. These inks are very free flowing, so that the nib of your beloved fountain pen will glide ever so smoothly across the stationery. It makes sense to have on hand bottled ink in a range of colors to match your mood and purpose whenever you decide to put pen to paper. You might select red or green bottled ink for use in writing in holiday cards. An ink bottle filled with black ink is useful at any time for writing words that contrast well with light-colored papers, making the writing much clearer and easier to read. For the upcoming spring months, you will want a fountain pen ink bottle filled with lavender or blue ink, in order to reflect the light of the season.

Just by having bottled ink for fountain pens handy on your desk makes it more convenient, and therefore more likely, that you will pick up your fountain pen in the first place. You will want to do everything possible to make it easy for you to sit down and write, and the nearby bottled ink for fountain pens will help in this endeavor.