Wood, Concrete, Resin, And Ceramic Garden Planters

Garden planters can turn a drab, plain looking yard into a wonderland of color and character. Garden planters come in many different designs whether they are meant to hang on a wall or sit in the yard. They come in many different materials, each offering unique characteristics.

Wood garden planters can add a comfortable, warm feeling to any yard and they come in many different styles and shapes. Square or rectangle shaped wood garden planters are very durable and can hold even the heaviest of plants. They also are the best choice for yards which do not already have an existing theme because there are many options available to start a theme.

Wood garden planters shaped like barrels can also be purchased, giving your garden a classic, old-fashioned look. They are also great for hanging plants because they are tall and give them enough room to grow.

Wood garden planters have other advantages due to the nature of wood. Cedar is a strong, reliable wood for a garden planter. Wood needs to be cared for with sealant or varnish, especially because you will be getting moisture on it with constant watering. Sun will also do damage to the color of the wood, so if you prefer your wood not to weather to a grayish color, varnish should be applied. Be sure to purchase varnish that will not be poisonous and harmful to the plants.

Concrete garden planters are not only beautiful, but they will be a long-lasting edition to any garden. The concrete surface gives a weathered and unrefined look to any garden and can be beautifully matched to stones and other accessories. They are usually made quite large, so it is also a great place for large or heavy plants. They are also easy to care for and will not be as prone to damage due to weather like wood garden planters.

Concrete has some disadvantages as well due to its size. Because concrete is considerably heavy, they will not be easy to move so a perfect spot must be chosen for the garden planter. Concrete also naturally has a lot of holes, so the water will quickly leak out and watering will be required more often. Sealing a concrete planter is not advised though, as dirty water will be much more difficult to empty. Mowing the grass around a concrete garden planter can be burdensome.

Resin garden planters can also create a great vibe in your yard or garden. They can come in just about any design you desire and finding the perfect resin garden planter may be the quickest find. Resin is also the most lightweight and easiest to transport out of all the materials. They are also the most easy to clean and maintain.

Resin garden planters are weather resistant but they should be handled with care to avoid cracking. The colors may also fade quickly.

Ceramic garden planters are the best option for gardens with a natural, earthy feel. Ceramic can often be crafted beautifully and they also come in the brightest and most unique colors. Ceramic planters also come in uncommon and unconventional shapes because many are hand crafted.

Ceramic planters are the most delicate of all planters unless they are very large. If you happen to bump a ceramic planter with a yard vehicle like a lawn mower, there is a good chance that it will crack. Because of their unique designs, they are usually the most expensive of all planters as well.