Why To Use Garden Netting For Your Vegetable Garden

kitchen gardens are still pride possessions of many British households. They are the source of fresh veggies and fruits year round. The approaching spring is the time when you once again consider planting pods for some great harvest. While you are at the garden it becomes necessary to protect the pods and plants from harmful pests and birds. Garden netting can be an excellent choice in protecting plants.

Not only protecting plants from insects and birds, garden netting has found more than one usage in British gardens. Following are the reasons to use garden netting for better produces.

Prevent pests: We all know that chemical pesticides are harmful and can cause several health issues in one. Some of these chemical pesticides stay in the food even after cooking. To protect plants from pests without using pesticides, garden nets are ideal. Garden netting would block the insects and pests from plants.

Fruit netting: Birds love fruits and hence they would be quick to locate a fruit tree. To protect fruits from birds and bats covering them with garden fruit netting is great. These nets wouldn’t suffocate the tree by allowing enough sunlight and moister while prevent intrusion.

Shading: Different plants may have different requirement for light and shade. Garden netting can be used for shading plants and help them thrive in less hospitable conditions. These may also prevent the young plants from harsh sunlight during hot summer.

Frames or Trellis Netting: Some plants and climbers thrive vertically. Trellis garden netting helps in putting the plant in the upright position. Vertical plants help adding dramatics to your garden decoration. Further, these are ideal for gardens with space issues. Garden netting can be used in giving them the frame where they can grow without problem.

How to choose right garden netting

The popularity of garden netting is soaring. These have the visual appeal and at the same time have multiple usages in a garden. The technological advancements in garden netting manufacturing have been quite remarkable. Now, along with the old Victorian type glass bell jars a wide range of polyetheylene nettings are also available in the market.

The wide range of garden netting includes- grow netting, insect netting, birds and deer netting, trellis netting, adjustable greenhouse, cold frames and so on and so forth. There is also stretchable and non-stretchable version of garden netting. Hence, it is important to analyse your needs beforehand to find the best netting materials.

One can now also shop on-line to find wide range of garden accessories and equipments, including netting. There are now ready to set-up garden netting which you can simply unpack and unroll over the flower bed. Also available are traditional cloth nettings and glass jars.

While shopping on-line you may shop around and compare prices on different websites before buying. You can further save on on-line purchases by checking for the discounted deals. However, make sure of buying only from authentic and reputed websites to avoid disappointments.

Garden netting can make great investment if you are a gardening enthusiast. These nets are likely to last several harvests and are budget options against chemical pesticides.