Weddings In Italy Short Stories About Flower Girls

I love flower girls.

Every time I see these little women walking down the aisle with their wide eyes open, a frightened and intrigued expression, strewing flowers in front of the bride, an ingenuous and dumb smile lights up my face, and to be true, usually not only mine! It seems that many people have a sort of infantile regression in these situations.

Children are always very proud and excited by this role. I remember a lady mentioning about her child who was counting the days, gazing every evening her beautiful dress.
And the wedding day can be pretty tiring for a flower girls mother: eager, excitable, intimated, they really look forward to be on stage.

In these many years of weddings in Italy I’ve got very happy memories of flower girls. I well remember a weddings in Tuscany: a child (about 4 years old) very excited for this extraordinary opportunity and willing to accomplish her duty at the best of her ability. She literally took 2 minutes to walk down the aisle (20 meters). She strewed rose petals on every single blade of grass with incredible accuracy and devotion.

A flower girl can be very professional, but rarely like the one I saw in a Malcesine wedding. It was a civil service in the stunning terrace of the medieval castle overlooking the lake; she walked down the aisle with such an elegant and confident carriage that she seemed a young (very young indeed) model on the catwalk!

Flower girls, sometimes, can also surprise you in many different ways that you do not expect. It was an elegant Italy wedding in Positano (in the garden of Palazzo Murat, if I remember correctly), and this little girl was so excited and nervous that after a few steps started crying big tears. She did not stop walking, though; she continued until the end of the path spreading her tears along with the petals. And I felt really touched: touched by a sentiment of empathy and nostalgia for my own childhood.
Probably the most unexpected behavior, though, was the swerve of a young 3 years old child. She was walking down the aisle and, seeing her mother seated on a corner, she dropped the basket and she jumped to her, with great surprise of the audience and a sullen look of the bride.

But however they are and however they behave every time I see these little women walking down the aisle an ingenuous and dumb smile lights up my face!