Water Fountains A Natural Therapy For Body And Mind

Even as far back as ancient Rome, water fountains have been associated with prosperity and wealth. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese masters who developed the art of feng shui realized the spiritual and health benefits of flowing water inside the home or at the workplace. Water fountains have also served as gathering places in town squares and recognizable landmarks.

Even science has pointed out that the sound of running water creates a calming effect and a sense of well being. With indoor water fountains you have a method for raising the humidity inside to eliminate dry air. On the other hand, outdoor water fountains have become artistic focuses for cities and gardens. Both indoor and outdoor water fountains combine attractive outward appearances and genuine health improvements.

Of course, you would like to find out how water fountains can be therapeutic. It is a good question that should be explored. If you are serious about adding water fountains to the inside of your home or property take a few minutes to go over the following material.

Essentially, indoor water fountains can function just like an air purifier or humidifier. Water fountains are a source of moving water which is how they purify the air. As the water flows through the fountain it generates negative ions that escape out into the air. Once the ions merge with smoke and dust particles, they bond to them and remove them from the air so it is pure and healthier to breathe.

Scientists that have been busy studying the effects of negative ions on human brains have learned that they actually increase alertness and well-being. In fact, it is these two effects that were used by feng shui practitioners in ancient times. Millennia before science noted the effects, feng shui users were benefiting from the natural healing effects of running water.

Scientists have also determined that the sound produced by running water can be a relaxing agent. With indoor water fountains installed and running it is not uncommon to notice changes in how you feel in a short time. There are many CDs and tapes that include the sounds of flowing water among other things to produce positive emotional effects.

Outdoor fountains, like those larger ones found in backyard gardens, often provide needed hydration for animals like birds. This isn’t to downplay their obvious aesthetic values. Pleasantly designed water fountains can be stunning focal point to your home garden. Like indoor water fountains, the outdoor water fountains will produce energizing negative ions so you come away feeling rejuvenated.

Once you have really looked at the evidence, there is reason to believe that water fountains can be great source for therapeutic and health benefits. Water fountains also add beauty to your home design or garden. Since water fountains can be an asset, you may want to have one installed to create a stronger design in the home and garden. It is a safe and natural way to improve your health and well-being.