Using and Maintaining Your Home Chocolate Fountain.

A home chocolate fountain offers a unique way to serve warm or melted chocolate fondue. The average fountain stands anywhere from 19-inches to an impressive 45-inches. The design consists of several tiers, with a round basin situated at the bottom. The heat, which is located under the fountain’s basin, warms up the chocolate before a corkscrew pump pushes the chocolate up through the center of the fountain until it reaches the top. The chocolate then tumbles over the tiers until it creates a chocolate waterfall effect. People can then dip in anything they please into the chocolate including, marshmallows, candy and strawberries. A home chocolate fountain will create the ideal centerpiece for dinner parties or any other special events a person plans on hosting. Most bridal showers and weddings have a chocolate fondue fountain these days, so they have become synonymous with having a good time. There is no need for people to limit what they dip into the chocolate fountain to fruit or candies. In fact, believe it or not, pretzels are currently the latest dipping must-have when it comes to chocolate fondue. It is recommended that people do not use hard foods as a dipper, the same goes for certain foods that may break up easily as these can contaminate the chocolate. Mounting the dippers on to kebab skewers makes them easier to dip, as well as eat. Although it is possible to purchase chocolate especially designed for use with a home chocolate fountain, most ordinary brands will melt just fine. It is important to break the chocolate up in to bits before adding to the fountain, a touch of oil will also help the process. Solid chocolate can be placed into a fountain but it is likely to take forever to melt, which is why bite size pieces are recommended. The individual preparing the chocolate fondue fountain should take care not to spill or drip water into the chocolate. This can contaminate the chocolate and affect the way it tastes. An individual should take great care when cleaning a home chocolate fountain. Firstly, if the fountain has any removable parts, these will need to be taken off and washed separately. Before washing the fountain itself, the power should be switched off and the cord should be kept well away from any water. Cleaning the fountain thoroughly with a cloth and hot water is important to remove all traces of the chocolate. If a fountain is not cleaned correctly it may not work when it is next used or it may taint the way chocolate tastes.