Uses Of Flowers To India

India is the country of variations; different-different cultures, traditions, religions, clothing, eating and on many other aspects, but the common is feeling & emotion of respect, faith, belief but to express those feelings may go different again.

I feel the most common yet the best way to express these emotions towards someone is to present the single or bunch of flowers. Colored petals of flowers represent the color of your life, its softness & delicacy tell the story of how depth and soothing your feeling is, its fragrance represents the purity & innocence of your bond relationship. Within India we will find uncountable variety of flowers in different-different colors, fragrance & sizes.

If particularly we talk about Indian culture, in south India, ladies usually wear beautiful garland of flowers that they call Gajara as hair accessory, these Gajras are also used to create a perfect look for a bride, Gajras are the small flowers like Jasmine, rose and other colored flowers that is bound with a thread in the form of garland. In Indian weddings flowers are used for decorations, making Varmalas and for sprinkling the petals over the wedding couple while they take Pheres. Flowers are used to decorate Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and Churches and flowers are put in the feet of GOD that represents the purity your soul and religious feeling.

Flowers are symbol of love, faith & trust, specially the smiling rose is considered to be the love flower, and rose too come in different-different colors, and each color rose has its different meaning, like red for love, yellow for friendship, white for peace etc.

Bees collect the nectar from flowers to make honey ant that pure honey is used as result-oriented ingredient in Ayurvedic Medicines for cure of diseases, flower petals are used to come out of the skin problems that in result provide glowing and shining skin to you.

Some strong fragrance flowers like Mogra, rose, jasmine and few other are used as the room fresheners, they are just put in the bowl of water at any corner of room, this technique of making fresh to a room has been using since ancient time.

So importances of flowers have always been in humans life at every phase from his childhood to his death ceremony that can never be replaced with any other object.