Useful Tips for Installing Outdoor Water Fountain

Solar water fountains are popular for their ease in installation feature. They are available in directly plug and play method and also in other customizable format. The solar water pump is the key component of your fountain which renders the visuals effects to your garden. However, it is important that you take appropriate installation precautions while installing the solar fountain as well as solar pump.

Use of Correct Equipment Ensure that you use a photovoltaic cell (PV) which can produce enough electricity to run the solar pump and is of good quality. Check wattage ratings on the cells, and required input voltage. Place the PV cell in an area free of shade and pull a wire back to the fountain pump.

Take Safety Precautions The voltages for solar water fountains are relatively very low as compared to traditional fountains. But it is recommended that you protect yourself from accidental shocks. Use insulated gloves and see to it that the solar cells are shaded meanwhile. Avoid immersing bare cord in water if it is connected to a live power source. The best option is to finish all wiring tasks before it is needed to fill water in fountain.

Use Water Proofing Equipments Keep water tight sealants and caulk gun with you while installing the fountain. Make a generous use of the sealant to seal leaks in water reservoir or fountain spout. Cover all bare and exposed wires with thick sealant pastes, especially while connecting wires.

These points are to be given more considerations while dealing with submersible water pumps. Ensure that sealant completely dries before you start the pump. A good option to waterproof sealant is epoxy adhesive. As an extra precaution you should use waterproof wires for cabling, even though it is minimal for solar powered fountains. These waterproof wires come with extra insulation to avoid leaks and have a vapor barrier to deflect internal condensation which might occur due to reserve water. You can easily get these wires from nearby electrical stores.

Battery Backup If you are planning to use your fountain for night parties or in shady atmosphere as well, when there is no sun light available, then you will need to use a backup battery. This battery will store solar energy during daytime and convert it to electrical energy when no direct sunshine is available. In this case, you will have to pay a little attention to size of collector plate and increase it for backup battery purpose. You can also include a charge controller to prevent overloading of your battery.

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