Use This Flower Printer To Print Flowers That Can Tap Into An 80 Billion Dollar Industry

The emotional impact that printed flowers have on people is extremely powerful, but that isnt all you can make happen with printed flowers.

Some of you may have never seen printed flowers, or even heard about them. Printing on the petal of a flower is done delicately enough so as not to harm the flower or shorten its life, but the impact it has on those who see it packs a powerful punch.

When women receive a rose that says You look beautiful today or a bouquet of roses that say I Love You or Will you marry me? , you can pretty much plan on them breaking into tears. Sometimes the reaction is even more surprising, like the wife who received a yacht for her 25th anniversary, but raved over the bouquet of 25 embossed roses,( each remembering one thing from the 25 years of marriage with her husband,) much more than the yacht.

These roses are made by a patented process created by Speaking Roses , a Utah based company that invented the technology to print any thing you can copy on a laser directly on to the petal of a live, fresh rose, without harming it in any way. And not only do they add a powerful punch to the gift-giving concept, but they are an amazing tool as well for the advertising and promotional industries.

Now for the best part the gift-giving element of Speaking Roses is only a portion of their product potential. A rose with a message can also take the place of the traditional greeting card, allowing this product to tap into the 20 billion dollar greeting card industry.

The promotional industry saw so much potential for Speaking Roses that they awarded them Best Product of the Year at a recent trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a promotional tool, nothing packs more class and finesse than a rose with a gold embossed corporate logo on its petals.

Between the floral industry, the gift industry, the greeting card industry, and the promotional industry, Speaking Roses has over 80 billion dollars worth of market in which it can be sold. Not bad for a product thats easy and fun to make, and a license that is affordable for every entrepreneur. You can find out more about this opportunity at