Use A Lion Head Wall Fountain To Give Your Garden That Look Of Sophistication

You might have notice one while walking through a garden park. Standing vigil over your garden, the lion head wall fountain is a memorable design feature. Whether you want to create a sense of elegance or an ambiance of Old World, Greco-Roman tradition, including a stately lion head wall fountain in your home garden could be the right move.

For centuries now, the “king of beasts” has been used as a distinguished feature in fountains. Different materials have been utilized to make beautiful designs. Early fountains were made predominantly of stone or rock. In later years, molds were used to craft lion head designs out of materials like concrete. It was also common for metals like bronze, brass, and iron to used in the lion head wall fountain. Stone and metals were combined to create types of designs that reflected the part of Europe where they were produced. Improvements in the quality of materials for fountain design continued to improve down through the centuries.

People’s interest in finely crafted fountains such as the lion head wall fountain continued, but the problems with working with older and heavier materials was lessened by using new materials such as fiberglass, resin, and some specialized plastics. While some prefer the look of older materials, even the lightweight ones can be made to look like them.

One of the typical features of the lion head wall fountain is that water flowing out of the lion’s mouth into a pool below. Other than this, you can find a lion head wall fountain in all sorts of neat designs. It is possible to find the lion’s head and the bowl made as a complete structure. The lion head wall fountain can be made with more than one water basin, allowing for a cascading effect. You may find other fountains that are nothing but the lion’s head. This is especially true of bronze figurehead fountains that are mounted directly on a wall prepared with water piping. The basin would be a separate piece that is inserted just below the lion figurehead.

Although it is common for more contemporary lion head wall fountains look identical to older, classical designs, they still come with the latest equipment like electric water pumps and newer accessories; they are also much easier to maintain.

There are other benefits included with modern fountain designs. Retail dealers offer a host of fountains that come ready for installation. It is entirely possible to buy a lion head wall fountain for either outdoor or indoor usage, complete with a simple installation guide, and possibly with great extras like lighting elements for use at night. Retailers today are prepared to make deals on their pricing as well as provide incentives such as warranties on their fountains.

No matter where you want one, a lion head wall fountainis an attractive addition to your space, adding just a touch of elegance to cap your classy design. Not only are these fountains aesthetically pleasing, they all offer what all water fountains do, a focal point for serenity. Imagine the soothing sounds of running water coming from your very own lion head wall fountain. What could be better?