Tropical Garden Design Brisbane – Things You Can Add To Spice Up Your Garden

Going for a tropical garden design Brisbane has become very popular among homeowners who have a backyard garden to work with. By having one in their home, they can easily experience the feeling of being in the tropics without having to go out of the country. So if you have a big enough space to work with and you’re interested in setting up a tropical garden design, here are some of items that you’ll need to capture that look.


Having an abundance of plants and flowers is what captures the feeling of being in the tropics. So if this is what you want for your garden, make sure you invest in this. Consider getting plants and flowers that come in different sizes and color to add some variety and to keep them from looking too uniform. The difference in color can breathe life into your garden and make each plant or flower stand out from one another.


Aside from foliage, trees can help you capture that tropical atmosphere that you’re looking for. Palm trees or coconut trees can be a good addition to any garden. If you don’t like the idea of having big trees in your home, you can opt to add bamboo instead. They’re sturdy and require very little maintenance. Another option is to set up a wall or ceiling that’s filled with ferns and dense greenery. While they’re not exactly trees, the right height and width can give you the same type of shade that trees offer.


Although this isn’t a requirement, having a hut can make you feel like you’re living somewhere in the Caribbean or the Pacific. Aside from being a nice add-on to your garden, it gives you and your family another place to hang out in. If you feel like you want to get away from the stress in your house, you can step in your hut and pretend that you’re actually somewhere else.

Other Decorative Accessories

What more can you add aside from foliage and trees? Well, if you check out images of tropical countries, you can see that they have other item such as vases, rocks, lanterns, statues, and even umbrellas. Any one of these can add pizzazz to your garden and make it unique from everybody else’s. Just be sure to add accessories that you like. Don’t add any just because everybody says that it’s what tropical countries have.

Because it’s a popular trend to go for a tropical garden design Brisbane, a lot of people are now more open to transforming their backyard garden to make it look like one. If you want to do the same, keep these things in mind so you can make your backyard look just like the tropics.