Top Tips For Visiting Murcia City With The Kids

Top Tip 1 – Ikea!
“If you live in Spain probably the most exciting thing about Murcia is Ikea. Not very politically correct to say so, but it is fantastic to have a taste of home on your doorstep. Not that Ikea is English, but it reminds us of England. And to be able to make your spanish home feel English and dress the kid’s rooms up in bright colours for a very reasonable price is wonderful. That being said there is a whole different side to Murcia. The historical, cultural, Spanish city. A definite highlight on your holiday to the Costa Calida.

Top Tip 2 – watch out for the confusing one way system on the way home!
“From around Villa Martin Torrevieja it takes just 40 minutes to get to Murcia, although I warn you it is never as quick on the way back as there is a confusing one way system out of Murcia City which often leads us onto the wrong road and the long way home!

Top Tip 3 – El Corte Ingles car park
“If you are visiting any Spanish city and aren’t sure of where to park the El Corte Ingles car park is always a good option. For many reasons the first and foremost it is well signposted, so you will never lose your car! Second it is a great excuse to pop into the best department store in Murcia. And third El Corte Ingles is always well situated in a city in Spain.

Top Tip 4 – Plaza del Cardenal Belluga
“My favourite place in Murcia is the main square (or Plaza in Spanish) it is overlooked by a huge striking Cathedral, built in the 15th century and surrounded by many great restaurants. We nearly always have lunch here, and nearly always it is paella. A great option for the whole family. My faddy 2 year old loves paella. The plaza is pedestrianised and the kids run about with freedom that doesn’t exist when you eat al fresco in England, and it is a joy to sit back and relax. Afterwards it is worth popping into the Cathedral de Santa Maria on the plaza, for quick injection of sightseeing!

Top Tip 5 – Walk off lunch
“After lunch there is nothing better to do with the kids is have a stroll along the river Segura walk over the bridge, along the tree lined pedestrianised boulevard where there are fountains and parks galore (kids love it). Spain is quite old fashioned and often we found old people offering our kids sweets, this is a kind gesture although it has long been inappropriate to do this in England. All in all Murcia is a great pace to take the kids on a family day trip.

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