Top 10 Creatures Living In Your Garden

For many of us Brits, our gardens are a place of peace and tranquillity, of hard work in creating a space we can feel passionate about. That affection for our outdoor spaces translates across to the animal kingdom and in particular, the small creatures that co-exist in our gardens.

There are a huge variety of animals that can be found in our nation’s gardens. Sometimes, the types of creature can depend on location, on the size of the garden or the kinds of plants that are available. Many species like plenty of cover for shelter, so those gardens that are naturally growing and contain a healthy amount of flora and fauna are a favourite of wildlife. So what are the top 10 of our gardens creatures?

10 – The infamous slug is the nemesis of many a green fingered gardener. Who’d have thought such a slow and defenceless creature could cause such carnage among our leaves and lettuces?

9 – The equally divisive spider is a common attraction to our gardens and can be seen weaving spectacular webs between our plants. Great for cleaning up on the flies in the area, they actually do our gardens a very important service.

8 – Squirrels divide opinion and many see them as glorified rats, but they have a steely attitude that is hard not to admire.

7 – Woodlice can often be seen under logs, pots and ornaments. A favourite of the prying fingers of children, these hardy little invertebrates are one of the few that don’t send us into states of utter panic.

6 – Woodpeckers can sometimes visit our gardens and create a commotion, but an equally fascinating glimpse into one of the world’s most famous birds.

5 – The humble worm frequents nearly every garden in our land and this list simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

4 – The reclusive hedgehog is always a cute sight when it’s spotted. Some people even try to make them little cosy homes nestled in the undergrowth. Shy and retiring, they really are a special addition to the garden.

3 – The frog is high on the list and deservedly so. Shy, but always willing to share in pond water and sometimes returning day after day, you can learn to love the little amphibians.

2 – A fox is not often a happy sight – especially if you own chickens – but you can’t deny they have a certain coolness and charisma that makes them hit the top 2.

1 – The holy grail of the garden creatures is the elegant badger, possibly the most respected of our country’s garden animals. Caching sight of one at night is a rare delight indeed.