Tips To Choose the Right Water Fountain Pump

Choosing the right type of foot pump for your water fountain can be quite an overwhelming task for many people. However, there are many useful tips which can be followed to choose the right type of pumps. Choosing a pump for a simple water fountain can be quite easy as there are many models available in many of the online stores at various price rates. But for elaborate water features it is essential to choose the right type of pump.


There are some essential specifications to consider while choosing pumps for water fountains and these are:

Max Head: This specification shows the measuring unit for height which is measured in feet. It is the height of the water which is pushed by the pump. A fountain pump with a max head of 4 can push the water upto 4 feet in height. It is also better to keep the max head of the pump a bit higher than the required height as the strength of water reduces when it is in a greater height.

GPH: It is also essential to consider the amount of water a pump can push in an hour. It is known as Gallons per Hour and it determines the actual flow rate of the fountain. It differs for both indoor and outdoor fountains as indoor fountains require less efficiency. A smaller pump will be sufficient for indoor fountains.

Submersible pumps are used for small water fountains as it is quieter and cheaper compared to the external pumps. If the fountains are large and located outdoors, then a large external pump will be essential for the right flow and pressure of water.

Moreover, there are solar charged pumps which are made available through many of the online stores these days. Most of these pumps are quite expensive but it helps to save ample amount of electric power consumed to operate these fountains. These solar cells are charged by solar energy to operate the fountains effectively. Today most of the people prefer to use these types of pumps as it is cost effective and efficient at the same time.

Both the outdoor and the indoor pumps include a model number. The indoor fountains require a mini jet pump with 2 pin plugs whereas the outdoor fountains include a 3 pin plug.

It is also important to ensure the size of the outlet tube so that the fountain tube will fit accurately in the new pipe. Small indoor fountains require less powerful pumps otherwise it may cause excessive splashing. If the fountain is above 12 inches, it is quite better to buy a powerful pump.

However, most of the modern pumps have advanced features which include switches to control the flow of water. It is therefore possible to adjust the flow of water according to the requisites of the users. With excellent care and maintenance, foot pumps last for many years together. It is also easy to buy these devices from many of the reliable online stores at affordable price rates.

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