Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garden Kneeler

Most people who love to garden can tell many stories about the damage that has occurred to their knees and back over the course of several years tending and maintaining a thriving garden. The constant bending, pulling, kneeling, and planting is done, for the most part, on your knees and all of the pressure points from the back to the feet are affected by the continuous effort that one puts into caring for their garden. Using a garden kneeler is a critical piece of equipment for the avid gardener. This one piece of garden equipment will help you to maintain and enjoy your garden for several years.

When you are going to search for the kneeler that will fit your gardening needs, thinking about the type of garden you have and its size will be important. A person with a raised garden does not need the same type of kneelers that an individual who has ground level plantings needs. For a raised garden, people often select a bench type unit that is adjustable.

The basic cushion kneeler is a staple of many gardens. This piece of thick and durable foam is made from the same foam that pool tubes are made of. They are usually a bright and bold color that makes them easy to locate and are extremely lightweight. There is often a hole cut in the foam that forms a handle. The cushion is 3/4″ thick and is completely washable. They are great for short term use and protect the knees while you are weeding or planting in your garden.

The down side of the cushion kneeler is that it crushes foliage and plants. These cushions are meant to be used on walkways or on grass. It is difficult to use them effectively between rows of plants because their size can easily crush flowers or vegetables when you kneel on it.

Bench style kneelers are made in multiple designs and styles that make extensive gardening very comfortable. The units are made from polyurethane molds or heavy duty steel frames and fold easily. The cushion is attached to the frame and does not come loose easily. Many people keep this kneeler on a hook by their other garden tools or in a garden tool box.

When the proper kneeler is selected there will be less strain on the legs and back when gardening. The new ergonomic garden kneeler relieves pressure from all of the key points on the body. In addition, unlike the cushion, the kneelers are designed to fit in garden rows without damaging plants and foliage.

There are bench kneelers that take ergonomic needs into account in the design. These kneelers do not look like the standard bench garden kneeler and provide an extra level of protection to the lower back and leg muscles. No matter what the size of your garden is, a kneeler will give you the ability to both maintain and enjoy your garden for years to come.