Three Simple Techniques To Make A Self Watering Flower Window Box

In the present scenario, self watering flower window boxes are popping up as a new trend. And of course, it saves both time and money and keeping your plants looking healthy when we are quite busy we forget, or we have to go on holiday. Anyway, there are 3 simple techniques to make your flower window boxes self-watering. 1. Using a water reservoir system. 2. Using a drip irrigation kit or 3. By managing your sprinkler system.

The method of using a water reservoir system is quite trendy among the people. This technique involves the use of a water reservoir insert that sits on the bottom of window box. Self watering water reservoir stores extra water under the soil surface. Generally, this involves a wicking technique that is in contact with this isolated water and soil.

The wicks pull out the water from the reservoir and into the soil continually, thus refilling it as it runs dry. To a large extent, this is the same way that water spread throughout a piece of cloth by dipping one corner of it in a glass of water.
Normally, water reservoirs have to be refilled every 14 days, but they can keep plants from dying for persons with hectic routine that are always on the move.

Drip irrigation is a system of getting self watering window boxes that comes in two styles. The first style is using a box, bottle or other water storage device that can be filled and spiked into the dirt. There are a range of products like aqua spikes and such that can accomplish this and work perfectly for vacations. The second method is using a kit. In general, kits involve the use of hose that attaches on one end to an outdoor tap and the other end supplying continual drip into the box. By and large, these kits are purely self watering and will drip constantly into the box at the preferred rate. You just need to check up on them now and then to make certain that they are ongoing to work properly.

The last technique for self watering window boxes is to manage your sprinkler system. At times, you can redirect these sprinklers to hit a row of window boxes. For further advanced applications, pipe can run from out the ground up to the box where a range of attachments can let it to drip into the box. These can either be quite inexpensive and simple or they can be advanced and more costly based on the system.