Things To Do With Wholesale Spray Roses

Buy spray roses wholesale in bulk to get the best price because these tiny, sweetheart roses are so versatile for decorating that once you get started you will wish you had more of them. Spray roses are smaller than conventional roses and have four or five rosebuds on a single stem so they make the most magnificent clusters of rosebuds and fill the air with the distinctive, soft scent of roses. Here are some ideas for making the most of your wholesale spray roses:

1. Create a Giant Table Display

Use a single color or mixed colors and place stems in a giant vase. Spray roses are well suited to arrangements in a shallow bowl with a large circumference because you can trim stems to fit the bowl.

2. Use Wholesale Spray Roses in Bathrooms

Forget about potpourri and bathroom fresheners. The delightful scent of fresh roses will fill your bathroom with natural sweet smelling air. Put tiny clusters of rosebud stems in a crystal or ceramic tumbler for an instant bathroom pick-me-up or grab an attractive ceramic pitcher from the kitchen and pop them in that.

3. Dry Them

Wholesale spray roses make beautiful dried arrangements because the clusters of roses on each stem let you create dense displays. Hang stems upside down in a warm, dry place for two weeks and then handle with care because the roses are delicate. For best results dry them before the rosebuds open and then wrap delicately in tissue paper for safekeeping or use them in dried flower arrangements right away.

4. Send Wholesale Spray Roses to a Dear Friend

These small, friendly flowers are perfect for sending to friends just to say lets be friends, or I appreciate your friendship. Send them to someone in need of good luck, to say congratulations or for just about any of lifes special moments.

5. Decorate Picture Frames

When you take advantage of wholesale prices you will find you have plenty of spray roses to go around. Tuck a single stem behind picture frames to create an air of luxury in your home dcor for a special occasion. Remember each stem gives you several roses. For large frames tuck a stem at each end. If possible attach small florist vials filled with water to each stem, being careful to wrap the end so the water wont spill on your artwork.

6. Create Mixed Bouquets with Wholesale Spray Roses
Your wholesale flower dealer offers many different types of flowers in addition to spray roses. Create small or large displays by combining spray roses with other types of flowers.

Spray roses are available in lots of colors just like regular roses and because each stem has multiple flowers you get an amazing effect when you cluster them together. The possibilities for using wholesale spray roses in decorating your home are endless so consider using them for just about any occasion.