The Visconti Fountain Pen Where The Italian Renaissance Lives

Were legendary Florentine artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci alive in the 21st Century, chances are good that he would have used a Visconti fountain pen. These upscale, high-end fountain pens combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with the latest technology to produce a writing instrument of a level of quality that is almost unknown in this age of outsourcing to third-rate factories in China and India.

And in fact, Visconti fountain pens are manufactured in the same city in which the Italian Renaissance began over 750 years ago. Development and design of the Visconti fountain pen line is carried out in a villa in Florence that has been in everyday use since Da Vinci’s time.

The company that produces Visconti fountain pens was founded by the appropriately-named Dante Del Vecchio, himself a Renaissance man with a keen interest in historical writing instruments, fountain pens in particular. This passion for history and craftsmanship has led to fountain pens that are instantly identifiable wherever there are fine fountain pens for sale. Although his is an Italian company, Signore Del Vecchio takes inspiration for his designs from an eclectic array of sources that include medieval alchemy, the Knights Templar, modern Manhattan and even Asian influences such as ancient Beijing.

Each and every Visconti fountain pen is designed and manufactured using the latest technology and the finest materials available, using a combination of techniques that are both traditional and innovative. For example, many Visconti pens are of historic design with fine, artistic inlays while at the same time employ space-age materials such as celluloid.

Those in the fields of international diplomacy and high finance will be familiar with the Visconti pen; Visconti pens have been used to sign treaties as well as international trade agreements in recent years. It is one indicator of the high quality and visual appeal of these fountain pens, which you will find in all better upscale mercantile establishments where fountain pens are sold.