The Range of Mont Blanc Fountain Pens (Limited Edition)

Mont Blanc has been making fine pens for almost a century now and in the beginning they produced fountain pens exclusively. The reason for this was simple and that was that the ball point pen hadn’t been invented yet. However; today all that has changed. Even so, there are still some Mont Blanc Pens that are still only produced as fountain pens. Take their extensive series of limited edition pens. In total it includes their Writers Series, Patron of the Arts Series, Mont Blanc’s Donation Series, (benefiting young artists) and their 75th and 100th year anniversary series. On a separate yet related note: Mont Blanc 75th and 100 year anniversary pens are issued 7 years apart from each other rather than 25. The Writers Series Does Have a Monty Blanc Ball Point Pen The Writers Series that has been released every fall beginning in 1992 does have a ball point pen in it. In fact the entire series will consist of a ball point pen, a fountain pen and a three piece set that consists of each of these plus a mechanical pencil. The ball point pen in this annual series will always cost less then the fountain pen, which usually retails for around $700. Even so, be aware that the ball point pens can become difficult to acquire, due to a much higher demand for them. Patron of the Arts Series The Patron of the Arts Series has been released each spring beginning in 2001 to comemorate deserving persons who have made sizable contributions to the arts. Unfortunatly for anyone who is interested in obtaining a ball point pen from this series, they just aren’t available. However; it must be noted that people have been known to have Mont Blanc Fountain Pens converted to ball points. Even so, be aware that if this is done to the fountain pen that is the second half of a fountain pen / ball point pen set, it will create two ball point pens with the same exact serial numbers. Mont Blanc’s Donation Series Because this Donation Series involves pens that don’t all feature serial numbers, it can’t technically be referred to as a limited edition series. It does feature ball point pens and these pends also will be the least expensive of all special series Mont Blanc Pens, ($200 – $500 price range. The reason for the name -Donation Series- is that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pen is channeled into an organization that benefits struggling young classical musicians. 75th & 100th Year Anniversary Mont Blanc Pens Their 75th anniversary limited edition set was released in 1999 and consists of some 1,924 numbered pens per set. There are ball point pens available in this series with the pens from the Meisterstuck set being the most in demand. Their 100th anniversary series comemorates the making of the very first pen by Simplo Fuller and does not have a ball point pen in it. It’s well advised that you educate yourself about these limited edition pens prior to making any purchases, as some have appreciated in value much faster then others.Andreas is a lead designer for Mont Blanc Watches