The Perfect Vase Flower- Ornithogalum

Looking for a unique flower this winter that will thrive in a vase? Have we got a perfect choice for you. Look no further than the Ornithogalum! This peppy gem is a bit of an unknown in the gardening world which is a shame. Ornighogalum has so many things going for it we don’t know why it isn’t more well known (we think it could have something to do with the name!)

Ornithogalum has so much merit we don’t think it will be an unknown for long. It is suited to most growing zones and are especially terrific for a mild winter climate. This charming flower’s biggest appeal is it’s long life. It will last very long in the garden and has an incredible vase life! In fact, it is one of the longest lasting varieties for vase life anywhere.

They naturalize where happy, and making them happy is not difficult to do. They are excellent in garden beds, window boxes or containers of any type. Ornithogalum come in white, yellow, and bright orange and are so cheerful in a bud vase!

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