The Modern Way Of Transporting Your Flower

Because of the growing popularity of online flower shops in the Philippines, Filipinos are now able to Send Flowers Philippines for their families and loved ones. Other than any kind of gifts, people still choose flowers to celebrate a certain event like anniversaries or especially in Valentine’s Day. This is also the reason why flowers have been popularly transported from place to place. But the question is, how does delivery services, especially when a Filipino wants to Send Flowers Philippines, deliver such delicate things?

Modern ways of transporting flowers is by flattening the flowers and packed in small packages. This way, large amounts of flowers to be packed in small spaces like aircraft holds or on freighter ships. But what about those flowers that could easily die without water?

Flowers that cannot survive a long journey out of water such as orchids, gerberas (gerber daisies) and water lilies are transported with more care. These flowers are either sent with their own sealed water container, which are called picks, on each stem end. Picks are commonly used on expensive flowers or those tropical flowers. For a more cheaper way to send these flowers, water buckets are also used. This method of transport in water is often referred to as Procona.

The use of water buckets or Procona extends the life of flowers and reduces labor time as flowers are ready for sale, but obviously also reduces the amount of flowers that can be transported as they are much heavier than dry-packed flowers and hence air transportation charges are higher.

Flowers take a number of routes to the consumer, depending on where they are grown and how they are to be sold. Some growers cut and pack flowers at their nurseries, sending them directly out to the consumer by mail order. Some flowers are sent to packing companies, who grade the flowers and arrange them in bunches for sale to supermarkets or to deliver by mail order. Some flowers are graded and sleeved by the growers and sold at wholesale flower markets; the wholesalers then sell them on to florists who condition and arrange the flowers for the consumer.

Because of these, customers are assured that their flowers will arrive on time and fresh. So if ever that you want to Send Flowers Philippines, just think of those procedures that florists take to ensure the quality of the flower will not be ruined.