The Great Hamam – Old City Of Rhodes

Great Hamam or the Municipal Baths are also termed as Yenni Hamam. These baths can be found on the Arionos square in the Old Town of Rhodes. Tourists of any origin can avail some of the top Rhodes Accommodation solutions in the medieval city of Rhodes. They can also visit some of the prehistoric sites of this town.

Being one of the ever wondrous bathhouses on Island Rhodes, the Great Hamam is in the cavity of the Ottoman Kingdom. Its other titles include Baths of Suleiman, Mustafa Baths, Municipal Baths and Yenni Hamam etc.

First cited in a census of existing prehistoric buildings in 1558, the Great Hamam was established in Sultan Selis Rule. During that period, men used the opening part of the Hamam. Also, it dominated the square with its symmetrical structure. During the rule of Mustafa Pasha, he established women’s baths but he slightly changed the whole infrastructure.

Interior of the Hamam:

The internal structure of these baths is quite inspiring. It includes cold chamber of the men along with its gigantic dome. Similarly, its lavish marble flooring and graceful central fountain are really awesome. This is a must visit place for the people who love history and want to explore Rhodes.

If you are likely to visit Rhodes, you must not forget to visit this place as it opens its wonders for foreign visitors and please them with its beauty and ancient infrastructure. The warm areas of these baths are lit and ventilated to amuse the visitors. Moreover, these baths are most recently renovated to meet the actual standards and are open for the public. If you want to take bath, you must give the Great Hamam a try to make a difference in your life as it is in the heart of almost all the Rhodes Accommodations of the Rhodes Old Town.

Bath and Massages:

This huge bath is an artifact from the Turkish Ottoman Empire. It carries spacious steam bath rooms along with the plunge pools. It is therefore a worth visiting spot simply to appreciate the great look of this ancient infrastructure. Additionally, the Hamam welcomes you to visit and relax to have an incredible massage that will for sure wobble your body after you stand up. Local people pay regular visits to Great Hamam with the aim of curing acne.

Getting Accommodation near Great Hamam:

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