The Flower & Fronds Fair In Panchimalco, El Salvador

If you would like to spend your vacation in Central America you probably would like to search for events that you can attend to as well as things that you can do during the event. One of the best countries that you can visit in Central America is El Salvador. There is also Panchimalco which is a town in El Salvador for its indigenous population as well as its festivals. There is this The Flower & Fronds Fair that you may want to consider taking part with.

This festival is in honor of the Virgin Mary and takes place in Panchimalco, El Salvador. This is a festival that is celebrated each year among flowers every 9th of May. The village that hosts this festival is really tiny but is very well known along the country as a colorful and religious Indian town.

This cute town is home to a famous colonial church which was built in 1725 that attracts huge crowd of tourists. Since this is a religious activity it is the center of activities in the village.

The way the town’s people celebrate this festivity is somewhat interesting. In the morning, adults and children get to arrange fronds with flowers for the procession which will take place in the afternoon. There are also huge palms filled with frangipane flowers as they walk by the small procession. The women of Panchimalco decorate coconut palm fronds all day to be ready because the procession starts at mid-afternoon.

The procession is lead by a group of dancers also called “Historiantes”. The dance consists on an imitation the Dance of the Moors and Christians which is a tradition brought over by Spaniards. This dance is a tradition that is represented all over Central America in a different way. The original group of dancers is actually composed of a group of adults as well as a group of children. This has been a cultural heritage being transferred from one generation to another.

This is one exciting dance festival and a unique tradition for you to take part in while you are enjoying your vacation. So if you plan to visit El Salvador in the month of May, don’t forget to add the town of Panchimalco on your list of venues. If you want to experience a different kind of festivity that is full of colors and flowers, this is one event in El Salvador that you shouldn’t miss.