The Different Types Of Ink Pens

The most popular pens found today are ballpoint pens. They are named as such because the writing portion of the pen where the oil based ink passes through is a little ball made of metal. Along with very affordable price points, these pens are huge favorites because their ink dries almost immediately. These are the types of pens that many companies customize for promotional purposes. Also, youll tend to see ballpoint ink pens as a commemorative gift at special occasions such as reunions and weddings. A particularly popular and versatile ballpoint pen is the St. James Avenue pen which offers extremely stylish looks, top quality construction and long lasting ink at a very affordable price.

Rollerball pens are quite similar to ballpoint pens in that they dispense the pens ink through a ball made of metal. Different from oil-based ink found in ballpoint pens, rollerball pens are gel-like and are water-based. Due to this type of ink, the rollerball has the advantage over the ballpoint of smoother and more fluid writing capabilities. Youll also hear rollerball pens referred to as gel pens. Gel pens sometimes offer a greater selection of ink colors including metallic or glitter inks. One of the most popular gel pens is the BIC Velocity which is available in over a dozen body colors and two ink colors.

A third type of pen that was most popular in earlier part of the twentieth century is the fountain pen. The fountain pen has a sharply edged point called a nib for delivering a water based ink. There are 2 different types of nibs: the broad nib which is older and requires the writer to hold the pen at a constant angle; and the pointed nib which has such a sharp edge that the writer needs to be careful not to tear through the paper with too much force. Fountain pens are filled through ink reservoirs many of which are disposable. Fountain pens are often the tool of choice for calligraphists.

The other type of popular pen is the felt-tip pen also called a marker. There are different types of felt-tip pens, including the permanent marker, transparent highlighters, and security markers which use an ink thats invisible unless under fluorescent light. Felt-tip markers have the advantage of having the broadest writing tips available and are a good tool for writing on such surfaces as boxes and white boards. Unlike other types of pens, the tip of marker pen is made of a felt or nylon material.