The Argument For The Cigarette Case When To Give One

Those Beautiful Cigarette Cases are not For Everyone

Be alert to the fact that not all people smoke and you know the smokers and the non-smokers among your family and friends. You should know who has gone cold turkey or who is struggling hard to quit smoking but cannot decide when to throw away that packet of tokes. This knowledge will help you decide which people in your intimate circle can receive a cigarette case each.

If by chance you have forgotten that Sarah has given up smoking for two years already, there’s a chance that giving her a cigarette case can trigger a desire to smoke. Aren’t smokers advised to get away from other smokers and to get rid of all smoking accessories? Well, Sarah might find your gift offensive and she might rashly conclude that you’re thoughtless.

Giving teenagers cigarette cases won’t cut it. You have the parents to answer to if they find out you gave their teenaged son or daughter a designer cigarette case. The case becomes a status symbol or a symbol of defiance for young people. Giving them this kind of gift will encourage them to continue with a deadly habit they’re keeping from their parents, even smoking parents.

But there are Other Uses for the Cigarette Case!

True. People have uses for cigarette cases other than cramming it with cigarette sticks. They can use it as a billfold or store important receipts in it. Youngsters make a play at pretend and flash their cigarette cases crammed with odds and ends that can fit in nicely.

Students use the case to keep hurriedly scribbled notes, cash and business cards. Girls can use the case as a weapon when cornered and there’s nothing on hand but the case! It is amazing the uses they can think for shiny cigarette cases. Some people just love the thought of having something novel in their arsenal of collectibles.

This is fine, but it’s 9 out of 10 that these people don’t smoke. The sight of a cigarette does not whet their appetite for that nicotine rush smokers crave. Still there is no reason why you should insist on giving them this case. There are other nice things you can give – fountain pens, Swiss Army knives, barware, and business card cases.

Choosing Those Cigarette Cases

When choosing a cigarette case, consider the intended recipient. Does he frequently sponge lighters? Does he prefer longs or shorts? Is he the typical All-American guy? Is he picky about his liquor?

If you give a resounding yes to all the questions, it would be easy for you to choose the particular item for him. There are cigarette cases with a built-in lighters and sized right for longs or shorts. Other cases are cleverly designed into liquor flasks and some bear the emblem of the American flag. For a female friend who has not stopped smoking, choose a girlie case that matches her zippo lighter.

With all these tips in mind you can rest easy shopping for the perfect cigarette case, no arguments here.