Tattoo Jive – Flower Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo is a major chapter in your life, especially if this will be your first time to be inked. For this reason, deciding for a design you will choose is really vital. There are so many tattoos available and flower tattoo ideas are just some of this. To ensure that you will not miss anything, draw first a draft of the design you want before you present them to a tattoo artist. Listed below are some designs you can incorporate in your tattoo.

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One of the designs you can mix up is the simple rose. A simple rose design on the shoulder blade brings up a classic look. Show green petals around both edge for contrast and also, if you like, a bit of curve stem. To have an edgier look, use long stems together with thorns. Or to make it look more elegant artistic look, you can make use of long scrolling stylized stems.

Wild vines design will be the perfect tattoo idea for you if you prefer for bold tattoos. A flowering vine that wraps around your calf or arm may be just the right tattoo for you. Get it start in your wrist as a band, ankle or elbow and then spiral up, this makes 2 or 3 turns and then trailing off. At the same time, a vine can be done right at your back at a diagonal angle. You may include small side shoots, falling petals and large booms. Search the internet for more examples of these tattoo design.

There is also this thing called abstract flowers. Of course, from the word abstract, it comes from abstract, stylized floral tattoo. Some of these abstract tattoos as what featured on different websites exhibit overhead views of stylized flowers that seem to be geometrical representations. If you want to attract attention and be more unique, then abstract tattoo designs are just the right tattoo for you.

Another flower tattoo ideas is the stylized band. This is just a simple scrolled band around your ankle, wrist, bicep or ankle together with a floral cluster or flower in the middle.

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