Calgary Real Estate Market Expected To Get A Boost In 2011

While its true that the Canadian housing market didnt crash like the market did below the border, markets across the nation have not been completely unscathed over the last year either. The real estate prices in Calgary in 2010 were the lowest this area has seen in a decade but it appears that the market will see a significant rebound this year, according to the Conference Board of Canada.

The Calgary market was certainly quite affected in 2010 with fewer homes of all kinds being sold overall and home prices sitting at less than stellar levels. So far this year, the market seems to be on an upward trend and will continue that way, according to the experts.

There are many factors that will surely have an effect on real estate in the Calgary area this year including: the strong Canadian dollar in comparison to the US dollar, the new rules that will soon be in place regarding Canadian mortgages, and the strong price of crude oil.

While a strong Canadian dollar always seems like a good thing, the reality is that when our dollar is strong compared to the US dollar, there are fewer Americans investing in Canadian goods. A more even ratio of value between the USD and CAD could suppress real estate sales preventing us from further economic recovery.
The new Canadian mortgage rules arent anticipated to help or hinder growth in the long run, but it reasonable to assume that some home owners will push to buy homes before the changes go into effect.
The price of crude oil has the potential to be an influential factor in how the Alberta housing market performs this year as the higher price tends to result in increased production in the oil sands. Higher production results in more jobs and more money in the province for real estate purchases. The addition of unrest around the Suez Canal this quarter, adding uncertainty to shipping through the area, may also help increase the attractiveness of Alberta oil sand crude.

The current affordability and low interest rates will help to boost housing sales and eventually support higher prices as the demand grows. It is anticipated that home sales will increase by almost 20% in 2011, with prices of Calgary homes for sale increasing by about 4% for single family dwellings. In comparison, the number of condo sales are expected to rise by over 15% with a price increase of around 2%.

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