Menorca Real Estate Prices Set For A Price Crash

A sunshine Spanish Mediterranean holiday home for many Europeans, but especially the British, has been an aspiration achieved by many since the early 1980’s, when the UK allowed the free flow of capital, and property price gains allowed many to sell up in Britain and move to Spain and her islands – Menorca for example.

A slow down of Brits buying abroad happened in the early 90’s when recession hit the country, but overall the pace of number of people buying a home and often buying a business too has been relentless.

And with a growing number of British moving abroad, the UK’s financial infrastructure followed them, with British banks setting up branches in Spain and the Spanish islands like Menorca (ironically some of the British banks have now been taken over by Spanish ones), mortgage companies tailoring products for overseas home purchase,low cost airlines providing flights to Menorca and insurance companies offering building and contents cover.

For many of the British buying in Spain, it was like Britain with sunshine.

But times have changed, Spain is flooded with unsold brand new and re-sale properties, and property prices have crashed. In Britian property prices have dropped and are expected to fall further for the next year or more.

Confidence is low – unemployment in the UK is expected to hit 3 million before it peaks, and people with some money who might ordinarily have considered buying a property abroad are often keeping it in assets where the money is easily accessible – something it’s not when tied up in a property during a recession.

And of course the financial infrastructure that supported the British buying homes and businesses in Spain and her islands is in full retreat. The banks who were lending money readily to Brits moving abroad aren’t lending much, and many of them have been bailed out with taxpayers’ money – overall a dismal picture of a once flourishing overseas property market.

So, is now a good time to buy in Spain and her islands? If you’ve always fancied an apartment or villa in glorious Menorca – is this the time to take the plunge?

Part of that answer depends upon your individual financial circumstances, but if you need to borrow to buy a second home, and if you need income from holiday rentals to sustain your new Menorca property…halve the figure you think you might achieve and re-calculate to get closer to what you might realistically get from renting out to those taking Menorca holidays in today’s market.

But if you have a surplus of cash and are ready to buy a property in Menorca – is now a good time to buy?

There’s a property glut in Spain. If property was water, Spain and her islands would be renamed Atlantis. Developers and private owners alike are more than keen to sell, and anyone who is a cash buyer won’t have to wait long before they see a bargain. But don’t necessarily buy the first property you like that seems good value.

Draw up a list of say three or four apartments or villas you have viewed and liked and put in an offer of around sixty per cent of the already discounted price, starting with your favourite one, telling the owners that the offer remains good for two weeks, and at that time you will look elsewhere. Within a couple of months you, perhaps even weeks, you could have the property you want at an amazing price, even if the owners come back with a counter offer.

One bit of advice from UK based Tribune Properties is to avoid buying a brand new property.

‘Only buy a new property in Menorca if you’re absolutely certain that the developer has the funds to finish off a development and the promised infrastructure that goes with the new development…and even then only spend what you can afford to lose. Guarantees are often useless if a developer goes bust. And just don’t buy a property under construction – the development could be mothballed for years to come – along with any deposits and staged payments already paid by a buyer.’

Their final bit of advice is not good news for Menorca property developers either, or for private re-sales.

‘If you can hold on a few months, you might find even better bargains than there are now in the autumn when the same owners who are selling now have failed to find a buyer, and at the end of the holidays season owners might be prepared to listen to offers in the hope of finally selling their Menorca property.’

Rattan Garden Furniture-The Best Choice

Before you finish restyling your garden, it would be advisable to start thinking about garden furniture which means you will be making a trip to your favorite home improvement store or large department store to see what exactly is obtainable.

Rattan garden furniture compliments the very environment and style of your garden, patio or lawn setting of your garden, and looks awesome too.

The rattan garden furniture you will want to choose from may appeal to both men and women alike. This type of furniture these days is made for comfort and resilience, in conjunction with fashion and style. Also, ensure you choose furniture which is created from PE (flat weave) on an aluminum frame to make sure that it won’t rust in our UK climate. Also, make sure it won’t fade as many inferior cheap products will.

You certainly want to match the garden furniture with the decor of your garden. Rattan garden furniture is going to compliment the scenery by transforming your favorite outside garden area.

The real key to creating your outdoor area should be to enhance the garden by using furniture items of different shapes and also colors. Setting up hideaways together with areas for you to be entertained in all weathers if possible will also be a good idea.

And at the same time, it is not necessary for you to invest an excessive amount of on high priced pieces, especially given the fact that they will be outdoors for the majority of the entire year. Keeping all of this in mind, it may be advisable to discover the look sensibly and work out an approximate budget before beginning your hunt for the right piece that fits in.

Comfortable as well as sturdy outdoor rattan garden furniture is vital because of the fact that whenever we can, we really love to spend our days outside enjoying the breeze and sunshine barbecuing our favourite food, and enjoying a tipple or two with our family and friends.

The real key to creating your outdoor area should be to enhance the garden by using rattan garden furniture items of different shapes and also colors. Setting up hideaways together with areas for you to entertain in all weathers if possible will also be a good idea.

If you want good deals on garden furniture or bits and bobs for your garden, then its an excellent idea to check online. It is possible for you to find pieces which can be quite unique. In the event you strike lucky, you can get the delivery without charge. And for items, such as garden hammocks, deck chairs, garden umbrellas, together with other pieces, you’ll be able to pick from a significant assortment of styles and colors. Your garden is not going to look like an afterthought but might appear like a space that is comfortable and well put together.

Prices on the internet are very attractive due to wholesalers either buying direct in bulk or manufacturing on the premises. This cuts out the middle men and means you, the customer, benefits from lower prices for your quality rattan garden furniture.

Corner Sheds Are Great For Small Gardens

There are a wide range of wooden corner sheds on the market in the UK today. So how do you know which one is best for you? This article looks as the possible uses of the wooden corner shed and what options are available when buying one. Let us guide you through the process of buying a wooden corner shed.

Shed designers have identified this problem and have invested time and money into a practical solution – the wooden corner shed.

Typically the corner of gardens are not utilised to their full potential and are often hidden by shrubs or a place to dump the infrequently used items. With a wooden corner shed, you can now use all the space in your garden to its full potential.

The wooden corner shed makes the most of the space available, conveniently fitting into any corner of the garden. The original wooden corner sheds were designed in a triangular shape but the corner sheds of today actually have five sides. Picture this, two wooden walls meet at the rear of the shed at a right angle with three further walls making up the front of the shed. This style creates a corner shed that is both functional in terms of the space utilised in the garden and much more attractive than either the triangular shape or traditional rectangular garden sheds.

Interested in buying a wooden corner shed? Then it’s time to start thinking about the options available. First, consider what your main motivation is for getting a corner shed. Are you just looking for garden storage to house your hose pipe or lawn mower? Or are you looking for an outdoor building to use as a summerhouse or home office? Once you have decided what you will be using your corner shed for, you need to think about what size of shed you need.

Do you want to use it to store essential gardening supplies such as seeds and fertiliser, or do you want to store larger items such as the BBQ or lawn mower? Is it just a convenient storage solution or to you want it to double up as a playhouse, summerhouse or worktop too.

The first step in this process is to measure the amount of space you have available in your garden that you are able to use for a wooden garden shed. When doing this, consider not only your current needs, but also your future needs. You don’t want to buy a shed now, only to find out that you need a larger one in a years time ‘ same money by investing in a suitable one now that will last a long time.
Now onto the different styles of wooden corner shed available to buy in the UK today. The first decision is what type of roof you would like your shed to have ‘ apex or flat. The apex roof has the advantage of allowing water to easily run off it. An apex roof also makes your shed look more like a substantial building so is ideally suited if you’re going to use your corner shed as a home office or summerhouse. Flat roofs offer a more discreet style option, allowing your corner shed to blend into your garden. A flat roof style of shed is therefore ideal if you are planning to use your corner shed just for storage.

There are a number of different finishes available for your wooden corner shed. You can choose to have a treated wood finish which will protect your shed from the elements. Or if you prefer, you can choose to have a painted or stained finish which offer a more attractive option and can also help to tie your wooden garden shed into the style of the rest of your garden or even your home. You may think that all of these options will intrude into your garden but for those wanting a much more discreet look, you can allow vines or ivy to climb over your shed.

There are also a wide variety of windows and door options available for your wooden garden shed. Depending on how you will be using your garden shed, will affect what options you choose. If you are planning on using your corner shed for a playhouse, summerhouse or workshop, natural light is very important and you will therefore be looking for a corner shed with large windows and a glazed door. For a shed just being used for storage, natural light will be less important but a durable, wide door, or even double doors will be more important to allow ease in storing larger items.

I hope now you know more about the variations available for buying a wooden corner shed. Look round for one to match your needs in the UK today.

Great Ideas for Sprucing Up a Childs Bedroom

Kids rooms are always difficult to get right. So much stuff and so little space. Getting the right balance of style, functionality and comfort can be tricky, but have no fear – our 5 ideas for sprucing up a child’s bedroom are here to help you!

We’ve tried to keep the list sensible and affordable, with items that are easy to find online in the UK.

1) Digital Wall Art
Much better than bland painted walls and funkier than the funkiest wallpaper, wall art is great way to brighten up any child’s bedroom. You can opt for ready-made designs (try for a great selection) or use your own photographs for a personal touch (try Try creating a room theme and use wall art to take it to the next level. Jungle scenes, night sky, underwater worlds – just a few of the choices available.

2) Bean Bags
Kids love bean bags, it’s scientifically proven. OK – maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they’re a great way to provide comfortable seating and really help to make a room more kid friendly. Versatile, they can be used to encourage quiet reading while still providing the perfect accompaniment to the X-Box. Grab a water resistant bean bag and you can use it in the garden when the weather is hot. Find a great selection of kids bean bags at

3) Beds with Storage/Desk Space
Space is usually a premium in a child’s room. You can make the most of the floor space you have by purchasing a raised bed that includes storage and/or work space below the bed itself. As kids grow older, it is important they have enough room to do homework and highsleepers are a great way to provide this without sacrificing comfort and style. Argos and Ikea provide a good selection, or search online for Stompa beds (although these do tend to be a little more expensive).

4) Homemade clocks
This one is a flash back to Design Technology at school. How about getting the kids involved in the design process. All you need is a cheap clock kit () and a bit of imagination. Maplin even sell digital clock parts these days so you can bring your designs bang up to date.

5) High School Lockers
High School Musical fans will love this one. How about completing the HSM theme with a high school locker. A perfect combination of style and functionality, they’re readily available online. Tight for space? try the half-height junior versions. Try Googling “High School Lockers” to view a selection of retailers offering them for sale. Focus on the sites as a lot of the results tend to be US based (which as you can imagine may charge a fair bit to post one to the UK!).

Techniques In Choosing A Garden Office

So you have actually determined to work from residence. And you recognize that a “residence office” is never ever finest option and that the option waits for in your garden. All you have to do now is to acquire a correct garden office. Charlie Dalton, the UK’s garden office specialist manuals you with the choice making procedure and assists you stay clear of the risks.

Pick your place sensibly. You must just get your garden office as soon as, so make certain you get the right dimension: not merely for your garden however for your designated application. I have actually contacted many garden office individuals who consistently bemoan that, with hindsight, their office is merely a little too little for their day to day demands. Consider just how much work desk room, filing room and meeting room will you require? Will you be working alone, with co-workers or will you be anticipating additional website visitors? As soon as you have actually developed these elements you can easily begin to consider the influence your garden room.

Consider just how typically you’ll make use of the office. Also if you are organizing to utilize your garden office just every now and then, you’ll still have to guarantee that your selection of structure is well insulated and secure if you mean to leave any type of data or IT equipment in it. If you are a routine garden office laborer, then make certain your interior atmosphere will certainly match that of your “in residence” office. Hot, comfy and secure must be your leading 3 tick points.

Stay clear of a lost, summerhouse or log “cabin”. Bear in mind that the majority of garden structures are made for garden usage. Garden being the vital word. You have to be focusing on the word office. Sheds and summerhouses are best periodic work locations when the climate is neither too cool nor too hot– so you and your laptop computer can easily walk down the garden and will certainly be great for around 30-60 days of the year. Nonetheless, you’ll be uncomfortable and unpleasant for the additional 10 months of the year. Just recently, log cabin importers have actually included “Gardence Office” onto their proposed usages of these Eastern European sheds. Sure, a log cabin is a bit harder than a lost, however we have actually yet to develop just how a solitary skinned structure can successfully discourage the neighborhood bad guys, handle the British climate or can easily protect against the logs uncovering to expose impromptu added windows and an undesirable source of venting. They’re affordable (and they are absolutely not pleasing!) however it will certainly cost you fairly dollar to heat/cool and you’ll be fortunate to obtain insurance for it as a ” residence office”.

Make the right impression. Also if you are not anticipating routine website visitors, you have to guarantee that your office influences you, satisfies you and tempts you every early morning. Make sure the garden office that you pick makes you keen to go to work every early morning. You must have springtime in your action as you walk down the garden to work.

Avoid picking a garden office that will certainly be the “very first time” for the business. The net is full of business who have actually produced a prototype– photographed to a wonderful degree on a fancy internet site … then organize to offer it to you. Garden office manufacture is specialist industry, and whilst a couple of fly-by-nights could have some pretty photos there is little replacement to a history of manufacturing and installment. There are several reliable garden office suppliers in the UK who have a tested performance history of constant production quality. These business can offer you with a strong, appealing and comfy office room.

The Omega Juicer Model 8005 – A Tremendous Meals Fountain

The omega juicer model 8005 has been out there within the US for some time nevertheless is new to the UK market. So what does it have to offer over its predecessor, the Omega 8003 (or the Oscar VitalMax, as it is called throughout the UK)?

It is claimed that the Omega 8005 is the simplest single-gear masticating juicer on the market today. I’ve used this every day for over week, and may say that I agree. In comparison with most other masticating juicers available on the market at this time, this machine has wonderful looks. Many people want to put their juicers away after use, nonetheless with the Omega 8005; you may be fully glad to go away it on show in your kitchen.

The Omega Juicer Model 8005 has been redesigned as an option to allow faster assembly, disassembly and cleaning. It additionally has a very new, Extra Sturdy GE Ultem augur constructed from hygienic U.S. FDA-licensed melamine. This augur is eight occasions stronger than the augur of the Omega 8003.

The deal with of the Omega 8005 is now utterly in-built to the machine. This allows for a lot simpler cleaning. The earlier model had a flip-up handle, which might be a bit tough to wash for individuals who managed to spill juice on it.

And as a sign of religion, the manufacturer now includes a 15-yr guarantee on this machine. That is the longest factory guarantee on the market for any juicer within the market today.

And the Waring Juicer Pjc44 is greater than only a juicer. It additionally has the subsequent makes use of:

* Makes child meals * Juices fruit * Makes frozen desserts * Grinds * Minces & Chops * Makes nut butters * Makes pasta * Makes soy milk * Juices greens * Juices wheatgrass

All in all, this is usually a great juicer and now takes pleasure of place in my kitchen. The is competitively priced at around $260.

Garden Lighting For Your Outdoor Space

Stand out from everyone else with special, high class, outdoor garden lighting. Whatever month of the year, high class, backyard garden lighting brings an atmospheric and particular feel to your home, and really comes into its own whenever you’re enjoyable; however, it can be costly to get outdoor garden lighting due to the amount of electricity involved, particularly if you employ an especially sophisticated setup.

An alternative for this problem is symbolized by alternative energy sources. The solar power is generally the most suitable choice. Based on your region, the outdoor garden lighting effects utilizing solar energy could have numerous functionality levels. If you’re fortunate enough to reside in California then I am very jealous for a number of reasons, so much so that the efficiency of the garden lights appears quite a significant way down the list. Even when it’s summer season in the UK, the sunlight is not powerful enough. Hence, we can’t depend on solar power. However, it is the most affordable alternative, so despite the unreliability you need to think about the cost savings.

Think about the outdoor backyard lighting just like you’re thinking about the plants and decorations in your garden. They should be positioned tastefully to go with the backyard and not detract from it. It’s not recommended that you work with spot lighting along with your garden compost heap, except if it’s a great compost heap. Make the most of great features like pathways, decking regions, trees, gazebos as well as flowering crops.

Outdoor garden lighting can also be best for security by lighting shady and also dark areas in order to deter criminals. The ideal thief deterrent is definitely the motion hypersensitive lighting effects. A property that doesn’t have this type of lighting effects is apparently a less noticeable and easier target. Action sensitive outdoor garden lighting effects is additionally a really cost-effective safety approach as the electrical energy used is only minimal; once more solar power security lighting offers an option which is less costly still, certainly as compared to the expenses related to feeding, purchasing and looking after a dog, that is another popular discouraging factor; mind you to be reasonable to the dog, they’re more capable of giving and receiving affection as compared to backyard garden lighting, though obviously there are producers who are concentrating on developing such a light (there aren’t).

So if you’re searching for a cost effective safety solution or a strategy to make your back garden shine if you are anticipating visitors, consider high quality outdoor lighting.

Rattan Garden Furniture Uk The Best Home Fitting

Everyone had a dream of having a decent garden where one can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with family and the garden is imperfect without the classy furniture that fits with the garden and enhances the beauty of garden, if you are looking ahead to get the best furniture that suits your garden then you have some options that are available for you as you can get the steel furniture or iron coating furniture for your garden or the other option that is available for you is plastic furniture that is offered in various shapes and sizes and colours that may add looks to your garden, however the plastic furniture is less popular though its easy to shift plastic furniture due to various other reasons and the other option that is available for you is wooden furniture which can give your garden a classy look and thus is being preferred by many however wooden furniture is a bit costly as compared to other options that are available for you, no matter the kind of option that you are looking ahead for the best option for you is rattan garden furniture uk as its offered in all the three options and thus you can get the kind of furniture that you are looking ahead for and that is the reason rattan garden furniture uk is being preferred by many over time.

With time various online stores are also offering rattan garden furniture uk and you can visit these online stores to check various rattan garden furniture uk that are being offered by the store and can thus select the best furniture that fits your garden the best and the prices that are being offered by these online stores are very competitive and thus you can easily get the best deal, even If you are not looking ahead to make a final purchase you can check these online stores to have an idea regarding the kind of furniture that you should have to give your garden a different look and thus you can visit these online stores to make an informative decision about the kind of furniture that you need to have for your garden.

These Online stores are offering different discount coupons and you can avail these coupons to get the discounted prices for different rattan garden furniture uk and you can get all the details about the rattan garden furniture uk with pictures and all so as to be sure the kind of furniture that you will be needing for your garden.

Chocolate Fountain Hire Uk Will Be Loved By All

Chocolate fountain hire in the UK is very popular for special occasions and events and there are companies who operate all over the UK to offer chocolate fountains for hire. Chocolate fountains will add a fun factor into any event and they are sure to be a big hit with guests of all ages. They are ideal for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, festivals, christenings, anniversaries, street parties and any other events that people are looking to add the wow factor to. Chocolate fountain hire UK companies may have a number of different fountains for hire so they can cater for a number of customers at the same time and customers who want more than one fountain at their event. They are likely to have different sized chocolate fountains and different packages for chocolate fountain hire in London depending on the number of people attending the event.
Along with the Chocolate Fountain Hire UK customers will also be able to choose from a range of dipping foods and confectionery items to dip into the chocolate fountain. The popular dipping foods are strawberries, grapes, melon, kiwi, pineapple, apple, orange and banana. The confectionery items that most chocolate fountain hire UK companies will offer are mini donuts, muffins, flapjacks, profiteroles, brownies, gingerbread men, sweets, fudge, toffee, marshmallows and sherbet. A typical chocolate fountain hire in London package will consist of a large chocolate fountain, an illuminated surround base, chocolate of the customers choice, flavoured or coloured chocolate on request, unlimited skewers and serviettes, minimum of 10kg of Belgian chocolate, the customers selected dipping foods and chocolate fountain hire UK for a set period of time.
Chocolate fountain hire in London is very popular at all kinds of events and is great for creating a focal point and wow factor in the event venue. Children will love chocolate fountain hire UK and it is ideal for childrens parties to give the kids a real treat that they will all enjoy. Some chocolate fountain hire UK companies will also supply fruit trees and sweet trees for any event.

Types Of Rattan Garden Furniture And What To Look Out For

If you are looking to bring your old garden furniture into the modern world, look no further than Rattan Garden Furniture.

With the recent influx of Rattan Garden Furniture into the UK, it has proven itself to be a worthy contender into the British Outdoor Garden Furniture market.

With the Rattan Garden Furnitures all weather resistance features, it makes it the perfect choice for a garden owner within the UK too have Rattan Garden Furniture over the more traditional Wooden Garden Furniture or even the classic Aluminium Garden Furniture due to our erratic British weather conditions.

There are many Outdoor Garden Furniture companies popping up all over the UK advertising all kinds of Outdoor Garden Furniture with promises of long lasting furniture but to really understand what this means, you need to understand the different types of rattan that are in use.
Here are the main types of Rattan being used within the UK Market:

PE (Polyethylene) Rattan

One of the main benefits for PE Rattan is that it is a recyclable material, so it is ECO-Friendly and can be reused for other applications over and over again.

PE Rattan is also the strongest type of rattan in use due to its hard wearing and rigid nature.
This is the more expensive luxurious rattan and it generally the better quality to be looking for.

PU (Polyurethane) Rattan

PU Rattan is also a popular alternative for manufacturers however, whereas PE and PVC can be recycled, PU Rattan is not a recyclable material.

PU Rattan has a degree of flexibility to it but it is still a hard wearing material which has similar properties to PE Rattan.

This is your mid range rattan that offers certain price points for people who want the long lasting qualities as PE Rattan but cannot justify the price tag.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Rattan

PVC Rattan is the cheapest type of rattan available to manufacturers. Again it has similar properties as the above types of rattan but it isnt as hard wearing.

PVC is also an ECO-Friendly Material and can be reused over and over again for other applications.
The PVC Outdoor Garden Furniture is also often found in the large super markets/department stores at a fraction of the cost of PE/PU Rattan which makes this a popular choice as throw away furniture.

Life expectancy of PE and PU Rattan is generally between 5-10 years whereas PVC Rattan is generally between 3-7 years depending on weather conditions and how well it is maintained throughout the year.

Furniture Frame work

Another thing to look for is the type of material that the underlying framework is made from. After all you dont want to buy something that has the best rattan only to be let down by a weak frame.


Steel framework is by far a cheaper option to make but if does come with some downsides to it.
Primarily, steel rusts over time without proper care.
Usually, the manufacturers coat the steel with a powder coat which will significantly increase the lifespan of the steel so it is a good idea to keep on top of this and give it an extra coat of paint every so often to ensure that it stays in tip top shape for many years to come.
The other “issue” with steel is that it is much heavier as well.


Aluminium is the opposite to that of steel. It is lightweight and rust resistant as well.
However, this can increase the price of the furniture as well but it is worth it as it will last longer and it is 1 less thing that you need to maintain as well.


So when you are looking for Garden Furniture, look for something with an Aluminium frame and ideally PE Rattan.

This will give you a very long lasting furniture set that will be maintenance free for the majority of it.