How To Create A Seashell Water Fountain Centerpiece

Creating a seashell water fountain centerpiece is a great idea for your beach theme wedding reception. It is one of the best ways to incorporate seashells into your beach wedding. For a beautiful buffet table let your Seashell Water Fountain be the center of attention. I created one just for my reception and you can too! Again, you’ll need to select some really great seashells. Your will need a couple of rather large shells, like a conch or spider conch, at least one flat shell, and beach glass and small to medium seashells. You don’t need to many of the same shell, it would be better if there is a variety.

You will also need these items: a reservoir bowl of at least 4 inches deep and 10-12 inches in diameter, a pump-small battery or electric one with a capacity of 80 gallons per hour (gph), a piece of vinyl hose, and you’ll need a drill so that you can carefully drill a hole in your large shell without breaking it, the hole should be no bigger the 10 mm in diameter. I’d also like to suggest a few books that will give you ideas and help you with your creation:” Tabletop Fountains: 40 Easy and Great looking Projects to Make” by Dawn Cusick, also “Simple Fountains” by Dorcas Adkins, “Create Your Own Tabletop Fountains” by Paris Mannion, all at This will give you ideas and a better understanding of what I will describe to you. I would suggest that this project be done very early in your planning because you won’t be too stressed out yet and it will give you plenty of time to acquire the shells and play around with your layout.

Next step is to make sure your reservoir bowl is water tight! I discovered that mine was not totally water tight. Mine had a hole in the bottom which I knew about, and I sealed it. Or so I thought! So I suggest that you buy some sealer to paint on the inside of the bowl and lets it dry totally. this will keep the water where it belongs.

After selecting your favorite shells and selecting your supplies you will want to “play around” with the shells to get an idea of where you would like to place them. Take your time deciding where you want to place the largest shells and how you want the waterfall effect to be. Here is where these books will give you many more ideas and better understanding.

Ok, you now have a pretty good idea of where you want to place your shells and you have selected a beautiful reservoir bowl to put everything in. Next you will need to place your pump into your bowl. It should be towards the back of the bowl, so that it will be easier to hide. This should look like the water is naturally flowing out of the larger shells, to the bed of seashells and beach glass pieces. You’ll need to decide at the time of purchase whether the pump should be run on battery of electric, and you’ll need to know if it will be near a power source or not. You will probably need an extension cord, because most to the pumps do not have very long cords. Keep in mine, though, that a battery operated one will need to have new batteries put in and it might be hard to do, if you have to take apart the fountain. It will probably be fine for the reception, but if you want to keep using it at home as a keepsake, you’ll have to change batteries or recharge them. I chose the go with an electric pump. You can find a pump kit at Armchair World. Just click on kits to get all you need to make your fountain work.

It will need to be stuck down to the bottom of the bowl. They have at the craft stores, a compound that will keep things in place that doesn’t come loose in water. Be sure to check out Exalted Fountains for your supplies and look at their fountains. Have fun making a Seashell Water Fountain for your own beach theme wedding reception.