Stop Florist History And Overview

Stop Florists Fruit Basket History and Overview

Flowers, Balloons, Candies & Fruits

The 1 Stop Florists do not only specialize in flowers. While the company name of 1 Stop Florists can be a little misleading, be assured that this company handles much more than vegetation. No doubt, in the early beginnings this fine company focused more so on flower arrangements. Inevitably, though, they transitioned into creating beautiful edible arrangements including both fruits and candies. As if that werent enough for this gifting industry, there is now even an option for bouquets of balloons as well.

Regardless of your occasion, 1 stop florists have a variety of gift basket choices to make your present both personalized and well thought out. An edible arrangement from 1 stop florists may consist of meats, crackers and cheeses. If you fancy a sweet tooth instead, you can get chocolates and/or fruits as well. Because of the variety of gift basket options, you are sure to never be without your first choice.

Company Policies

Privacy is a huge issue with placing orders online. Many people are nervous to order fruit baskets online and because of this, 1 stop florists are very upfront and insistent about their safety precautions for ordering online. They have used advanced security features to ensure the ultimate protection of all information.

Not only is your identity protected, but your order is placed efficiently through their state of the art system to ensure no mistakes on your very important order. Their aim is to please you 100%. With a very confident belief that 1 Stop Florists can ensure this aim, they have even guaranteed it.

What Else?

In their ongoing effort to keep up with the competition, 1 Stop Florists provide international shipping on certain products they offer. Depending upon your selection, you may be able to send your floral orders and food gift baskets overseas.

1 Stop Florists also accepts most major credit cards. The payments to this company for their various gift basket choices are processed using U.S. currency. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, 1 Stop Florists has done much to ensure your approval.