Which Are The Most Expensive Blossoms For Online Flower Delivery In Mumbai

When considering online flower delivery in Mumbai you can know about the most expensive varieties available if only for increasing your knowledge. Online flower delivery in Mumbai may consist of a wide range of floral choices available at your local florists. While you may search extensively for a particular blossom, many people can go to any length for finding the most expensive choices for their gift giving. If you are curious regarding the most expensive floral choices one can make, simply read on to find out!


This beautiful flower is also one of the most expensive all over the world. It is an annual blooming flower having a diameter of 5 cm. The botanical name for this blossom is Eustoma grandiflorum. Its height remains between 15 cm-60 cm.

It has delicate, white, oval ruffled petals and comes with expansive color variations including violet blue, pale purple, lavender, and white shades. The flowers can retain their beauty for 2-3 weeks when sold as cut flowers and because of their delicate petals they are also known as paper blossoms.

Hydrangea Interestingly the lovely hydrangeas are also among one of the most expensive flowers sold at the florist shops. Its special circular clusters contain small lovely blossoms. The common shade for these flowers is white but one also comes across different hues including violet, light purple, pink, and blue. Being difficult to cultivate and harvest along with its short shelf life make them an expensive blossom in all regards.

Lily of the Valley This lovely looking blossom is also one of the costliest out there you can choose from the floral shop. These are sweetly scented with a dainty and elegant appearance. The blooms appear as bells and have a short life span because they wilt easily. Harvesters need to take extra care when picking up since it has an effect on how long they are going to remain fresh.

Single layer tulip Single layer 17th-century tulip flowers are also one of the most expensive varieties available. It is beautiful shape along with deep and lush colors make for an ideal choice because they will fall in love with these blossoms instantly.

Kadupul flower This exotic flower is one of the most expensive varieties out there, which is quite rare and difficult to find. It is extremely frail and uncommon. Most importantly, it wilts away within some hours of blooming even in its natural environment. This blossom is native to Sri Lanka. Because of its ephemeral life span, this one is highly desirable and considered the most valuable variety available in the world. Gold of Kinabalu (orchid)

This beautiful looking orchid variety is extremely rare and a stunner in all regards. Found in Malaysia, this blossom variety as green colored long petals containing lovely red spots. The plant is difficult to grow and blossoming takes years to happen. No wonder these blossoms are one of the most expensive ones found in the world.

Saffron Crocus While as a blossom saffron crocus is not expensive, once dried up and sold as spice this is one of the most expensive ingredients around anywhere in the world.

You do not have to choose the costliest varieties to ensure the success online flower delivery in Mumbai. Yet knowing about them surely helps!

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