Determining Fountain Design And Cost

Determining fountain prices is dependent on many variables including size of the
fountain pool, the central water feature, equipment requirements, and requirements
for power/water supplies and connections. Of these the fountain pool and central
feature are most important in regards to design and cost. Specialty Fountains has
simplified this process by offering our standard pools available in a variety of
shapes, sizes, details and up to 50 different cast stone concrete colors. This is
achieved using our unique cast in place fountain pool wall system. You may arrive
at an approximate cost by selecting a fountain pool size and shape and a fountain
statue and or water treatment that is complimentary. Keep in mind that the central
water feature must be in scale to the pool selected in order to control splash and
loss of water due to high wind.

The fountain pools are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. The round fountain
pool is a classic shape and is also the most affordable as it is simple and makes
the best use of space when using a central feature. In addition are the Square
fountain pool,Square with Reverse radius corners, the Arabesque also know as the
Quatrafoil and the Oval. The Arabesque and Square w/ Reverse Radius Corners are
considered multi-shaped pools and require more labor to form and construct,
therefore cost more than others. Also, the Oval pool is more difficult to layout
and form and pour.

We offer many different types of center fountain features including large
urns,large bowls and tiered fountain statues. Many come as single bowls or two
tier, three tier, four tier or even five tier fountain statues. Selecting a
centerpiece that is in scale to your fountain pool is critical to the overall
design of your fountain. You may select a pool you feel is appropriate for the
space and then a centerpiece. Or, if space is not a concern and you want a tall
center feature, you can select the feature and then a fountain pool that will
accommodate it. In addition to fountain statuary, there are many different types of
water displays utilizing fountain spray jets. These may include foam jets, spray
rings, clear stream jets or any number of jets in combination. You may also use
these water displays in addition to a center feature. Sometimes this is desirable
in open public spaces when a strong and pronounced water effect is needed.
Other design/cost considerations include total horsepower of recirculation pumps
and total wattage of underwater lights. There are many newly designed fountain
recirculation pumps that offer very robust water flow but use minimal power. We
have made great use of a submersible pump that moves 10,000 GPM (gallons per
minute) but only requires about 13.5 amps at 110 v. of power. This is a very
economical use of power for the display that is achieved. Of course many fountains
require a great deal less or great deal more power depending on the overall design

You should also keep in mind access and distance to water and electrical supplies.
Always consult a licensed electrician and plumber and follow all applicable codes.
Make sure power supplies have GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection.
All water supplies should have a backflow preventer. This prevents water from back
flowing into the public water supply if loss of water pressure occurs. A 3/4 to 1
supply is normally adequate and a separate shut off valve should be installed.
Drains are normally required to flow to the sanitary sewer system but some cities
and counties allow for flow to drainage systems. Check your local code.
Proper lighting of the water feature is critical to the finished product.
Underwater lighting of the fountain/pool is often the smallest part of your overall
budget. It is also the most dramatic part of your fountain. Most commercial
fountains require 115 v. quartz halogen underwater lighting while most
residential fountains may utilize low voltage underwater lighting. There are many
new lighting fixtures utilizing the latest in long life LED lamps for efficient
power use and multi-color effects. The number, size and wattage of the lights is
dependent on the water feature display.

We will be glad to assist you with your fountain design and can provide you with
cost for the complete fountain installation less the concrete fountain slab, power
and water supplies and permits. Or we can provide a quote for the fountain
components only including fountain pool wall, statuary, pump, underwater lighting,
drawings and instructions. Please contact us for a quotation or with any questions.