Which Online Florist Is Best

Are you looking for a gift for your wife, girlfriend or to send someone at the office who just lost their mother or father? If you are, then this can help.

Here’s my experience: As I write this, it’s Valentine’s Day. When I got home from church there was a box on the table. I wondered who sent flowers. I wondered if my husband sent them. He never orders anything from the Internet. But I called him and he admitted to it. He’d found the way to my heart! He ordered flowers online.

I opened the box and assembled a gorgeous vase of roses. This is the first time I’d ever had flowers shipped to me. In college I delivered flowers for a job. I know how tough it is to get them there fast and looking good. In fact, Valentine’s Day was the worst. It was so busy we could hardly keep up.

It’s really a challenge to care for roses. They must be kept in water. They can’t get to hot or too cold. They bruise. They fall apart. They wilt. I admit that I’m picky too.

Here are some of the things you should look for in an online florist – I got a dozen roses with a vase and box of chocolates:

1. Be sure the stems came wrapped in plastic and green foam to keep them wet. This means the flowers arrived in good condition rather than wilted or dripping wet. It was securely fastened to the stems and I just had to remove and rinse them off.

2. Packaging that protects. My dozen roses came with a vase and the box was sectioned so everything was in its place. There was a space for everything. It was so organized. Nothing broken, not even a stem. Plus it looked great.

3. Care Instructions. In addition to flower food there was an instruction card in the box. There was also a tag on the stem of a rose that said to remove the outer petals before arranging. There were instructions on how to care for your roses and 2 packages of flower food.

4. Quality. The roses were in great shape – even the white ones that are more delicate. I think they are shipped from the growers. Every last rose was the best quality – better than you can get at the florist most of the time but esp. on Valentine’s Day.

5. Wrapping. The roses were staggered and rolled up in plastic. It was easy to unpack them and they were in perfect condition to travel.

6. Creativity. I loved that they had an ad on one of the stems – telling you where to go online to learn more about their flowers. This is a great idea – I like that the roses had instructions on them. They were attached to the rose itself.

7. Chocolates. I got a small box of gourmet chocolates with my roses. They were so pretty and tasted so good.

8. Reasonable Price. We got a vase, a box of chocolates and a dozen high quality roses delivered to our door for about $50. Can’t beat that!

There were only 2 drawbacks to my online florist that I could think of.

1. No filler – it didn’t come with filler flowers like babies breath – only roses. That may have been because my husband didn’t choose to add them. I thought the arrangement should’ve come with some though.

2. Self Serve – you have to arrange the flowers because they don’t come pre-arranged. I have to say I missed having my roses come arranged and in the vase. But it was worth the sacrifice because they last so long. In this case I had to arrange them myself. I wish I had floral tape. However, it was worth it to avoid the lines and prices at the local florist. Plus they fit in the vase tightly so I didn’t have much problem getting them all to stand up and look good.

It isn’t easy to package and arrange flowers so they keep and travel well – whether they come in the mail or your local delivery truck. In this case, the packaging and presentation was great. What stands out the most though is the high quality.

Next time I need to send someone flowers, I have to admit that I’m going to go with the best online florist I can find. In fact, I think I’ll schedule everything ahead of time and they’ll be shipped out just in time for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or other special time.