Fresh And Fabulous Peony Flower Present A Beautiful Appeal

Given that the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated to the natural flora and fauna around them. And the thirst to locate more and more gorgeous and decorative flowers only has improved. Any talk of attractive flowers is incomplete with no mention of Peony or Paeonia, as it is called in Russia. Peony Flower is usually known as Peony Rose due to their rose-like formed flowers.

One of the most romantic flowers on earth – Peony will get it’s name through an old Greek story. Based on the story, Paean was a disciple of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. Nevertheless, Paean came under the wrath of his master god and was made in to a Peony flower by Zeus as a means of rescue. The tale has existed since that time.

Peony Flower as a flower exists in several different forms and based on an estimation there could be 25-40 types of the plant in the world. There are two major classifications for Peony depending on the way it grows and the kind of flower. It can be either Herbaceous form or the tree form. All Peonies, which grow as bushes belong to Herbaceous category although those growing as trees, are classified under the Peony tree form. The Herbaceous form Peony is all about 0.5-1.5 meters tall while those of the tree form might be up to 1.5 to 3 meters tall.

While most of the Peonies are pink colored and look like pink roses, there are Peonies with other colors too, which enhance any garden they are grown in. Because of their similarity to roses, they are often called “Roses without thorns”. Since ages, the Peony Flower were used by Chinese people to share and convey affection for each other.

Peonies have identified uses in Feng Shui and are considered to develop and improve field points in the area. It’s considered that for a woman who is looking for relationship must have a few peonies around her to bring a ‘good match’ for her. Apart from Feng Shui, peonies have made an impression on the tattoo-designing field as well and are generally seen in many tattoos all over the world.

The decorative beauty of Peony Flower and near similarity to roses can make it just about the most sought after plants for a garden.
Nevertheless, there are a few points to consider before you intend to grow peonies in your backyard. First and the primary is the period in which to grow it. Peonies are planted in autumn and winter seasons just before the very first freeze. They are averse to hot weather and may only survive in mild summers at the most.

The other most significant selection to consider before growing peonies is the place in your garden in which you want to grow it. This becomes most essential simply because peonies don’t like to be transferred and often refuse to regrow and give flowers until years, after a place transfer.
In addition peonies need particular nutrients in the soil in which they are grown and growing several peonies at the same spot might cause the plants to die due to insufficient nutrients.

Peony Flower bloom very best in conditions where there is no water logging, especially during the winters, and there is little cultivation around the roots of the flowers. The weather is cool and not too much humid or warm. Hence this nature of peonies leads to them to certainly be a ‘tricky’ plant.

As with many of the plants, Peony also has medicinal attributes and its root and bark are used in the historical Chinese medicines. It has also been used in healing coughs and hemorrhoids in Europe and around the world.

So if you intend to grow Peony Flower, you took a great decision for your garden!