Rattan Garden Furniture-The Best Choice

Before you finish restyling your garden, it would be advisable to start thinking about garden furniture which means you will be making a trip to your favorite home improvement store or large department store to see what exactly is obtainable.

Rattan garden furniture compliments the very environment and style of your garden, patio or lawn setting of your garden, and looks awesome too.

The rattan garden furniture you will want to choose from may appeal to both men and women alike. This type of furniture these days is made for comfort and resilience, in conjunction with fashion and style. Also, ensure you choose furniture which is created from PE (flat weave) on an aluminum frame to make sure that it won’t rust in our UK climate. Also, make sure it won’t fade as many inferior cheap products will.

You certainly want to match the garden furniture with the decor of your garden. Rattan garden furniture is going to compliment the scenery by transforming your favorite outside garden area.

The real key to creating your outdoor area should be to enhance the garden by using furniture items of different shapes and also colors. Setting up hideaways together with areas for you to be entertained in all weathers if possible will also be a good idea.

And at the same time, it is not necessary for you to invest an excessive amount of on high priced pieces, especially given the fact that they will be outdoors for the majority of the entire year. Keeping all of this in mind, it may be advisable to discover the look sensibly and work out an approximate budget before beginning your hunt for the right piece that fits in.

Comfortable as well as sturdy outdoor rattan garden furniture is vital because of the fact that whenever we can, we really love to spend our days outside enjoying the breeze and sunshine barbecuing our favourite food, and enjoying a tipple or two with our family and friends.

The real key to creating your outdoor area should be to enhance the garden by using rattan garden furniture items of different shapes and also colors. Setting up hideaways together with areas for you to entertain in all weathers if possible will also be a good idea.

If you want good deals on garden furniture or bits and bobs for your garden, then its an excellent idea to check online. It is possible for you to find pieces which can be quite unique. In the event you strike lucky, you can get the delivery without charge. And for items, such as garden hammocks, deck chairs, garden umbrellas, together with other pieces, you’ll be able to pick from a significant assortment of styles and colors. Your garden is not going to look like an afterthought but might appear like a space that is comfortable and well put together.

Prices on the internet are very attractive due to wholesalers either buying direct in bulk or manufacturing on the premises. This cuts out the middle men and means you, the customer, benefits from lower prices for your quality rattan garden furniture.

Types Of Rattan Garden Furniture And What To Look Out For

If you are looking to bring your old garden furniture into the modern world, look no further than Rattan Garden Furniture.

With the recent influx of Rattan Garden Furniture into the UK, it has proven itself to be a worthy contender into the British Outdoor Garden Furniture market.

With the Rattan Garden Furnitures all weather resistance features, it makes it the perfect choice for a garden owner within the UK too have Rattan Garden Furniture over the more traditional Wooden Garden Furniture or even the classic Aluminium Garden Furniture due to our erratic British weather conditions.

There are many Outdoor Garden Furniture companies popping up all over the UK advertising all kinds of Outdoor Garden Furniture with promises of long lasting furniture but to really understand what this means, you need to understand the different types of rattan that are in use.
Here are the main types of Rattan being used within the UK Market:

PE (Polyethylene) Rattan

One of the main benefits for PE Rattan is that it is a recyclable material, so it is ECO-Friendly and can be reused for other applications over and over again.

PE Rattan is also the strongest type of rattan in use due to its hard wearing and rigid nature.
This is the more expensive luxurious rattan and it generally the better quality to be looking for.

PU (Polyurethane) Rattan

PU Rattan is also a popular alternative for manufacturers however, whereas PE and PVC can be recycled, PU Rattan is not a recyclable material.

PU Rattan has a degree of flexibility to it but it is still a hard wearing material which has similar properties to PE Rattan.

This is your mid range rattan that offers certain price points for people who want the long lasting qualities as PE Rattan but cannot justify the price tag.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Rattan

PVC Rattan is the cheapest type of rattan available to manufacturers. Again it has similar properties as the above types of rattan but it isnt as hard wearing.

PVC is also an ECO-Friendly Material and can be reused over and over again for other applications.
The PVC Outdoor Garden Furniture is also often found in the large super markets/department stores at a fraction of the cost of PE/PU Rattan which makes this a popular choice as throw away furniture.

Life expectancy of PE and PU Rattan is generally between 5-10 years whereas PVC Rattan is generally between 3-7 years depending on weather conditions and how well it is maintained throughout the year.

Furniture Frame work

Another thing to look for is the type of material that the underlying framework is made from. After all you dont want to buy something that has the best rattan only to be let down by a weak frame.


Steel framework is by far a cheaper option to make but if does come with some downsides to it.
Primarily, steel rusts over time without proper care.
Usually, the manufacturers coat the steel with a powder coat which will significantly increase the lifespan of the steel so it is a good idea to keep on top of this and give it an extra coat of paint every so often to ensure that it stays in tip top shape for many years to come.
The other “issue” with steel is that it is much heavier as well.


Aluminium is the opposite to that of steel. It is lightweight and rust resistant as well.
However, this can increase the price of the furniture as well but it is worth it as it will last longer and it is 1 less thing that you need to maintain as well.


So when you are looking for Garden Furniture, look for something with an Aluminium frame and ideally PE Rattan.

This will give you a very long lasting furniture set that will be maintenance free for the majority of it.