Mont Blanc Ball Point Pens

Mont Blanc pens originated in Germany around the turn of the 19th century. Back then in its early beginnings it was known as the Simplo Fuller pen company but it soon went on to change its name and become known as the Mont Blanc and then on to Mont Blanc International GMBH. While this company does design and manufacture a wide range of luxury goods and fashion accessories it is perhaps best known for its exquisitely crafted pens.

The Development Of the Ball Point Pen

For decades since its inception Mont Blanc manufactured fountain pens exclusively. However; it wasn’t long after the development of the ball point pen that Mont Blanc began making it available in many of their styles. One little known fact about ball point pens is that when they were first invented and brought to market, the new technology was quite expensive. In fact when factored for inflation the cheapest plastic ball point pens available in their early year cost around $150.

The Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Pen

So with that bit of information in mind, at around $300 the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck could figuratively still be considered quite a bargain. This handcrafted pen is created from deep black precious resin and features three gold plated rungs and gold plated clip. Launched in 1924, this Mont Blanc ball point pen continues to this day to be one of their top selling pens.

The Mont Blanc Star Walker Pen

Another very popular Mont Blanc ball point pen is their Mont Blanc Star Walker that is also made from fine precious resin and features a number of elegant design touches such as highly polished chrome plated fillings. The price on this pen is higher then on the Meisterstuck but it does vary depending on which particular type of Star Walker you select.

The mont Blanc Etoile de Mont Blanc Pen

The Mont Blanc Etoile de Mont Blanc is a bit more expensive then the two previously listed pens. In fact this Mont Blanc ball point pen will set you back some $800. Even so, enough people determine that the pen is well worth it, because it remains to this day to be a popular selling Mont Blanc pen.

How Much Can You Spend On a Mont Blanc Ball Point Pen?

The fact is that if you wanted to, you could easily find a Mont Blanc ball point pen listed in their online catalog as selling for some $100,000. It’s their most expensive pen and comes completely encrusted with diamonds from top to bottom. Even so, that still isn’t the most money that can be spent procuring a Mont Blanc pen. Thats because some of their antique pens that are in the hands of private collectors can and do cost substantially more than that.

Fathers Day Flower Arrangements In Germany

Fathers Day celebration in Germany is far ancient than the modern American Fathers Day celebration. In fact, there is no national event like Fathers day in Germany. Germans celebrate the well being of all of the men of their society on the Ascension Day. This day comes after forty days of Easter. This year the day is going to be celebrated on 13th of May. There are three versions of mens celebration days in Germany. Vatertag or Fathers day is celebrated to honor all German fathers. The day is celebrated on federal level only. The federal government gives a federal holiday on this day. While on the regional level, Mannertag, mens day or Herrentag, gentlemens Day are celebrated instead. In other words we can say that Germans celebrate men at all social levels.
On Fathers Day, men are given the whole day off. They go out with their friends and enjoy themselves. Women are not supposed to be seen in the streets and picnic resorts. There are special German traditions also to celebrate the day. Men with their friends and family men go for a hiking tour on a traditional wagon. This wagon is known as Bollerwagon and is pulled by manpower. Germans carry traditional German dishes and drinks along the way, in their wagons. Traditional Gentlemen wine parties are held in streets. According to historians, these traditions are about five hundred years old.
However, with the passage of time, we can see considerable changes in the celebration style. The literate and more concern fathers avoid drinking and spending whole day out with friends. They prefer to give more time to their family. There are family gatherings, parties and special gifts for fathers and men on this day. Wearing roses as fathers day flowers in Germany is not common. However, children present fathers day flower arrangements in Germany to honor their fathers. Florists and flower store keepers make record sales on this day. Almost all of the major buildings, roads and streets are decorated with flowers for fathers day in Germany.
Online flower and gift shops also grind their axe on the occasion. They offer special discounted orders and add on for the day. Fathers day flower delivery Germany wide is made possible. They keep on introducing ever new marketing strategies and techniques, in order to attract as more customers of flowers for fathers day in Germany. Almost all of the local and online flower stores offer same day flower delivery on fathers day, Germany wide. The offshore Germans also send fathers Day flowers to Germany form almost every nook and corner of the world to Germany, with the help of these online flower stores. Those who are not German nationals also order fathers day flowers for their fathers, living in other countries.
Fathers day is celebrated in Germany in the unique German way. They celebrate the day on the Ascension Day. German Bollerwagon hiking tours and the wine parties are centuries old. In Germany, Fathers day is a whole day off for all the men of the society to enjoy themselves, siding the cares of everyday life.

Easter Decor And Flower Gift Ideas

Easter is a Christian celebration, celebrated with chocolate eggs, Easter decor and flower gifts. Despite the religious connotations, the festival is celebrated around the globe as a time for friends and family and has themes of new beginnings, symbolised by the eggs and bright flowers associated with Easter. The Easter bunny and egg concept comes from the pagan festivals relating to Spring and coincide with the Christian and Jewish festivals. The egg and rabbit themes symbolise fertility.

Easter decor is fun, colourful, engaging and invites a happy and bright feeling to any interior. Flowers and other creative items make for wonderful Easter gifts. The following are decor ideas which are easy to create and extremely effective decorations for the home.

An Easter Basket
A basket with African violets is a striking Easter decoration as the pink and purple hues are reminiscent of the autumn season in South Africa. When Easter is over, the flowers can be removed from the basket and placed elsewhere as decoration because they last for months.

To make this arrangement, take a medium to large basket and place small pots of African violets inside it until it is full and gaps are disguised by the flowers. Lay some small chocolate eggs wrapped in coloured foil amidst the blooms and wrap a pink ribbon around the basket and wind it around the handle. Do not over-water the African violets; keep them in filtered light and away from cold draughts.

Easter Egg Tree
At Easter, a small tree with hanging eggs and other decorations makes a warm addition to any interior and is a tradition practised widely in Germany and Austria. To make an Easter tree, simply cut a small section of branch from a tree (make sure that it is approximately one meter in length and that it has smaller branches to hang decorations from). Place floral foam into a vase or other large container and secure the branch in the foam to stand upright with branches extending away.

To make eggs to hang from the tree, take a raw egg and clean it with white-spirit vinegar. Paint the egg with craft paints or leave them to dye in a solution of three cups of boiled water, 25ml of white vinegar and drops of food colouring, giving the egg a pastel shade. Use a strong glue to secure a brightly coloured ribbon to the egg, creating a loop to hang over one of the tree branches. Make as many eggs as needed and hang them at even intervals from the tree. A nice addition to the arrangement is to tie a brightly coloured ribbon around the container securing the branch. Once the tree is taken down after Easter, throw the eggs away.

Pastel coloured decorations, chocolate eggs and Easter-Bunny soft-toys are effective additions to the basket or tree arrangement. These are symbolic of the pagan roots of spring and fertility and can make any Easter decor idea look attractive and festive.

Easter decor is an easy and effective way of brightening ones home interior during Easter and the onset of autumn. Easter decor and flower gift ideas are an original and unusual way of celebrating Easter that are cost effective and even more meaningful than purchased gifts.

The Lamy Fountain Pen Reviewed

The success of the Lamy fountain pen can be attributed to many factors but one of the prime reasons for its success and its cult status is the influence that Bauhaus design principles have had on its development.

The Bauhaus design movement started in Germany and is an architectural movement which has had a huge influence in the design of all sorts of products, not just buildings. Germany is well known for its fine industrial engineering and a small pen company in Heidelberg employed designers who were part of the Bauhaus movement to design its Lamy 2000 pen.

The success of the Lamy 2000 pen propelled this small pen company based in Heidelberg onto the world stage and a pen that was first released in 1966 is still being manufactured today.

Bauhaus design holds that form, that is the beauty of something, should play second fiddle to its function, that is the use of the product. So while Lamy pens are beautiful to look at they perform exceptionally well because the first priority of any Bauhaus designer is how the product or object actually performs its primary task or job.

So you will notice that Lamy pens sport clean, minimalist design and bright primary colors and are quite quirky among fountain pens but are very highly regarded nevertheless.

They are super starter pens for anyone thinking of using a fountain pen in their everyday life, work or school because they have a great, inexpensive range for starters as well as high quality foungain pens such as the Lamy 2000, Pur, Dialog 3, Studio and many others.
Furthermore they produce a good range of promotional pens which can be great, unique products to promote your companys brand and which leave a great impression with the recipient.

Lamy also produce ballpoint pens but it is the fountain pen that the company is best known for and which ensures a place in the heart of all pen lovers and aficionados. Few quality pen manufacturers such as Lamy supply such a range of quality pens ranging in style and price points and if you are a lover of good, pragmatic and functional design you should treat yourself to a Lamy fountain pen.

Searching on the internet is a great way to see what is available and online specialist pen resellers as well as big shopping portals such as Amazon and Ebay will allow you to assess prices and characteristics of what is available and to suit your budget. Just make sure to get an ink converter as writing with a Lamy pen is so much fun that you will soon run out of cartridges and a converter with some good quality ink is much cheaper in the long run.

Another very popular pen is the Parker Sonnet so lets take a look at that one now.

Parker Sonnet fountain pen
The Parker sonnet fountain pen has fast become a collector’s item for many pen lovers.It is a very popular choice amongst Parker pen lovers, of which there are many in the United States especially.

The Parker pen company has been around for over 120 years. Mixing a combination of new technology, innovation, style and a certain perception of quality and verve has kept Parker in business and successful during nearly a century and a quarter since they have started making pens. The Parker Sonnet fountain pen is the culmination of this work and no doubt will be viewed as a classic among classic fountain pens.

What exactly does Parker do to earn this high level of respect and customer loyalty? The answer is in several places and not necessarily where one would expect to find them.

One of the perks to a Parker is simply in the customizable nature of the pen. Parker makes sure that their customers preferences are met at every turn starting with the nib which includes stainless steel nibs to solid gold nibs.

For those who prefer a softer touch the solid gold nib is really the way to go. It is pricier, but for those with an eye for detail will notice your pen right off and would no doubt not fail to take note of your pen. For those with a heavier hand it is recommended you go with a stainless or gold plated nib. These write harder but are more utilitarian and provide a much more durable utensil.

Customizable shafts are another part of the Parker secret to success. While they currently offer 11 different styles of pen shaft, each one is decidedly Parker and goes a long ways towards showing that you are a member of an exclusive club- nearly a secret society. Parker fountain pen enthusiasts do not advertise it on t-shirts, but they do recognize another user when they see the pen come out. New Parker owners are surprised to find themselves in pen conversations all the time.

Another, and probably one of the most important aspects of the Parker Sonnet fountain pen series is the opportunity for becoming an heirloom. These pens are built to last and like so many other heirlooms of the bygone eras, they have an intrinsic value to them that harkens back to the days of pocket watches and cameos.

The Parker Sonnet series carries on that type of style and tradition while utilizing the newest technology in mechanics and metallurgy. Parker Sonnet fountain pens do all of these things and provide a stable, dependable and elegant writing instrument.

Lamy and Parker pens are just two of the brands which are pre-eminent amongst pen collectors the world over. Other leading brands include Sheaffer, Pelikan, Mont Blanc and Waterman.