Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk flower arrangements are a wonderful way to create a mood. In your home or in your office, a tastefully done silk flower arrangement conveys a message to all those who enter. Picture a dinner party with nothing on the table but dishes and silverware. Then add a horizontal centerpiece reflecting the season or the occasion. What a wonderful and colorful addition to the ambiance. You have a wide choice of flower types and colors. You can even add candles for a more softened tone. Your silk flower arrangement can compliment your good china, your linens, or even the color of the walls. Choose an arrangement of similar palette or something on the opposite side of the color spectrum that really makes your table pop. Typically, horizontal silk flower arrangements would have one, two or three larger blooms in the center depending on the length you need, with smaller flowers surrounding it. One long arrangement or two or three smaller silk flower arrangements on a long table will add to the elegance of your dinner table. Silk flower arrangements are an excellent choice for decorating any room in your home. They are easy to clean, need no maintenance or watering, and will not affect those with allergies to plants and flowers. Flowers lift everyone’s mood. You don’t need a special or formal occasion to use them as decorations. A vase of bright sunflowers on your kitchen table, a potted hydrangea on your end table, some bright and colorful Gerber Daisies in the family room all add to the enjoyment of your home. Your choice of office dcor can also create the mood you desire. For a reception area, a nice vertical flower arrangement of perhaps roses, tulips or gladiolas, with forget-me-nots or baby’s breath and some green leaves as filler will add an elegant touch. For a receptionists desk, a smaller silk flower arrangement of one large flower such as a hydrangea or mum with a few smaller blooms around it in a low vase adds color to an otherwise bland surrounding. Whether for your home or office, silk flower arrangements offer a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. They can remain beautiful for years with only an occasional dusting. They can be changed with the seasons and stored for the next year, and are much more affordable than fresh flowers.

Jane McAllister offers high quality, natural looking silk flower arrangements for every dcor. r.