Narcissus Flower Meaning And Facts

Daffodil is the common name of the species of plants that are known more formally as Narcissus. Daffodil plants are known as Jonquil in some parts of the southern US. There are between 50 100 species of daffodil in cultivation, with wide range of colors, sizes and bloom times avalable. Daffodils first appear in recorded history around 300 BC, they were grown for medicinal purposes by the ancient Romans, Greeks and Chinese.

The bulbs of daffodil contain poison lykorine which can be very dangerous especially when eaten, small traces of the poison is also found in the foliage of the plant. The plants uses the poison to protect them from animal predators such as deer and rodents. Daffodils are native from southern Europe through western Asia.

According to ancient Greeks, a youth named Narcissus was so admired by his own reflection in a pool of water, he was unable to leave and eventually died without water or food and later daffodils grew on the spot.

Symbolizing new beginnings and rebirth, the daffodil is virtually synonymous with spring. Botanically named as narcissus, these flowers are sometimes called jonquils and because of their long association with Lent, in England they are known as the Lent lily. It is said that if you spot the first daffodil of the season, luck and wealth will find you for your next 12 months.

Chinese also believe that your home will be filled with good luck if your daffodils bloom during the New Year. The flower is used as a symbol of the Chinese New Year. The daffodil is also considered as a suitable flower for people who celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. It is also important to note that always present daffodils in a bunch because many people believe when given as a single bloom the flower can foretell misfortune.

Fresh And Fabulous Peony Flower Present A Beautiful Appeal

Given that the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated to the natural flora and fauna around them. And the thirst to locate more and more gorgeous and decorative flowers only has improved. Any talk of attractive flowers is incomplete with no mention of Peony or Paeonia, as it is called in Russia. Peony Flower is usually known as Peony Rose due to their rose-like formed flowers.

One of the most romantic flowers on earth – Peony will get it’s name through an old Greek story. Based on the story, Paean was a disciple of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. Nevertheless, Paean came under the wrath of his master god and was made in to a Peony flower by Zeus as a means of rescue. The tale has existed since that time.

Peony Flower as a flower exists in several different forms and based on an estimation there could be 25-40 types of the plant in the world. There are two major classifications for Peony depending on the way it grows and the kind of flower. It can be either Herbaceous form or the tree form. All Peonies, which grow as bushes belong to Herbaceous category although those growing as trees, are classified under the Peony tree form. The Herbaceous form Peony is all about 0.5-1.5 meters tall while those of the tree form might be up to 1.5 to 3 meters tall.

While most of the Peonies are pink colored and look like pink roses, there are Peonies with other colors too, which enhance any garden they are grown in. Because of their similarity to roses, they are often called “Roses without thorns”. Since ages, the Peony Flower were used by Chinese people to share and convey affection for each other.

Peonies have identified uses in Feng Shui and are considered to develop and improve field points in the area. It’s considered that for a woman who is looking for relationship must have a few peonies around her to bring a ‘good match’ for her. Apart from Feng Shui, peonies have made an impression on the tattoo-designing field as well and are generally seen in many tattoos all over the world.

The decorative beauty of Peony Flower and near similarity to roses can make it just about the most sought after plants for a garden.
Nevertheless, there are a few points to consider before you intend to grow peonies in your backyard. First and the primary is the period in which to grow it. Peonies are planted in autumn and winter seasons just before the very first freeze. They are averse to hot weather and may only survive in mild summers at the most.

The other most significant selection to consider before growing peonies is the place in your garden in which you want to grow it. This becomes most essential simply because peonies don’t like to be transferred and often refuse to regrow and give flowers until years, after a place transfer.
In addition peonies need particular nutrients in the soil in which they are grown and growing several peonies at the same spot might cause the plants to die due to insufficient nutrients.

Peony Flower bloom very best in conditions where there is no water logging, especially during the winters, and there is little cultivation around the roots of the flowers. The weather is cool and not too much humid or warm. Hence this nature of peonies leads to them to certainly be a ‘tricky’ plant.

As with many of the plants, Peony also has medicinal attributes and its root and bark are used in the historical Chinese medicines. It has also been used in healing coughs and hemorrhoids in Europe and around the world.

So if you intend to grow Peony Flower, you took a great decision for your garden!

Luxurious Fountain Pens Can Be Cost-efficient!

Despite what most people seem to think – fountain pens are not as expensive as they once were. When these first started getting really popular in the retail world they cost a few hundred dollars. But now you can find them to be quite inexpensive especially when buying from countries such as Europe and China. One of the main reasons these types of pens are so popular is because to write with them is like walking on air – its almost effortless.

This is also a fantastic option for those people that have problems with arthritis because you don’t have to “bear down” on the tip as hard. Personally for me, I love the way they write. It’s just a really nice look to it. Very fancy looking.

One thing I have always wanted to learn is Calligraphy and these types of pens are the perfect way to get started! Fountain pens are also known for their longevity. While pens such as ball points will need to either be changed or thrown out, fountains are known for lasting a lifetime – literally!

Many users also mention that fountain pens retain a sense of timeless elegance, personalization and sentimentality that computers and ballpoint pens seem to lack, and often state that once they start using fountain pens, ballpoints become awkward to use due to the extra motor effort needed and lack of expressiveness. There are a few different brands you might try to look out for when buying a fountain pen.

Some of the top brands are ones such as Pelikan fountain pens, Waterman Expert fine point fountain pen, and Picasso. But the styles vary by – you. You can go from really extravagant with something like the Pelikan Souveran to really plain like the Pilot 78G. Or maybe you like a Japanese flair, Marbleized, Gold, Silver, Pink, Brushed, Patted, Combed, Wispy, etc.

Your fountain pen can match whatever style you want. Personally I like the Leonardo Pen – its very classy but it also has that look that demands respect. These are all really terrific pens that can be found online and for a really awesome price! One thing I would suggest looking for is a store that specializes in JUST fountain pens and nothing else.

Or just pens and nothing else. These sites are the ones that are going to have to most variety and have the best prices for you. Also, as a side note – be sure to take a look at the “cartridge”. Some fountain pens include a cartridge like that of a ball point pen (tubing) while others will not.

You can even find some really old-time fashioned ones where you will actually dip the point into ink. Again, whatever you want – you can have! I really do suggest trying one of these out though. The writing is lovely and the amount of “pressure” it takes to write is like nothing you have ever known before!

Which Is The Best Way To Deliver Flowers To Russia, Online Florist Or Local Florist

Russia, one of the most outstanding vacation locations in the world, is rapidly turning out to be famous nowadays. Why thousands and thousands of holidaymakers go to Russia? Russia is considered to be the land of great wealth and at the same time, Russia is as well thought to be the land of inexpressible poverty, brutal dictatorship, great minds, loving people and interfering supervision coupled with awesome ballets, corporate monstrosities, religious values and unrestrained self-satisfaction and several other things make this fantastic country really worth visiting. In addition to the the cultural backdrop, this huge country is geographically distinct as well. Russia is blessed with mixed areas having icy coated tundra region on one half with inviting beaches, silvery fir and birch forests and clear lakes and snow-capped hills on the other section. Steppes, the famous green carpeted landscapes are even found here. You will as well be carried away by the enormous and gorgeous fortresses, lavish palaces, amazing created churches and cathedrals and certainly the nice and country side village living will really make your holiday to this great country valued at the revenue spent. If you genuinely wish to get pleasure from nearly all the tourist sites in Russia, you have to prepare your journey accordingly.

The hot favorite tourist locations being Moscow, the famous city, St. Petersburg and the most charming Baikal lake, will surely be included in your travel arrangement. But in addition to these most well-known holiday spots, there is plenty more to visit in this world’s greatest nation. Several of the spots worth looking at are Zelenogradsk, previously regarded as Prussian resort of Kranz. To arrive here you will have to go to Kaliningrad Region, the place in far west. The elegant Volga river village in Gorodets which often is a shelter to many folk musicians and artists of the country in addition to you will obtain the best honey-cake bakers of the world here. The only Buddhist enclave in Europe is the amazing Elista along with the odd Chess City is in fact a terrific experience. This is not enough, you have to discover a number of other sights such as, Mausoleums of Dargavs which is about 400 years old, the “city of dead”, in the North Ossestia. Nalychevo Valley is a wonderful spot where you will experience hot springs is one of the preferred places in Russian Far East.

You might as well study the ethnic and architectural features of this incredible land of the world. The friendly Russian’s commemorate all their glorious conventions with enormous joy and fulfillment. You will surely get pleasure from the flavorsome Russian food and a drink of sweet wine and freshly baked cakes. Russia is a region that is worth touring once in your lifetime. The local climate during the spring and summers is really nice. People from almost all the age groups can enjoy living here pleasantly. The rental accommodations, hotels, and other holiday rentals, there are numerous places to reside in. You can choose to live in any hotel dependent on your spending plan as there is definitely a fabulous and relaxing accommodation for people with distinctive budgets.

Use Dubai Flower Delivery Online To Send Gift on Time


It is the marriage anniversary of your cousin or the wedding day of your friend staying in Dubai! Or, you just want to wish your beloved on Valentine’s Day! Whatever be the reason of your happiness, you can get it shared by sending some nice flowers on the right day. Flower is a perishable product and sending flowers all the way to Dubai from Europe or America is not a wise option. Flowers will get dried out and it will be an absolute wastage of money! Many of you may have this opinion. Well, time has changed now and these days Dubai flower delivery is as simple as sending flower to your neighbor. .

How To Send Flowers To Dubai Online?

Surprised to hear this? Then, you need to glance through a few points, which have made it possible. Nowadays, there are several florists’ stores online, which have brought a large number of flower collections from which you can easily select anyone you want to gift. When you are selecting flowers for your near ones online, it will be ideal to get your decision based on the choice of the recipient and not on the price you will have to bear. Flower can change the mood of anyone, so you should ensure to make the purchase from the store, which offers the best quality flowers.


If you have decided to send flowers Dubai online and is using this facility for the first time, you should spend some time to shop around for the right stores and the best price. Once you are done with the selection of the stores and price, you should give due importance to the reviews the store has received from the experts. Always place your order to an authentic store if you really want to make your near one happy on a special day.

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Use A Lion Head Wall Fountain To Give Your Garden That Look Of Sophistication

You might have notice one while walking through a garden park. Standing vigil over your garden, the lion head wall fountain is a memorable design feature. Whether you want to create a sense of elegance or an ambiance of Old World, Greco-Roman tradition, including a stately lion head wall fountain in your home garden could be the right move.

For centuries now, the “king of beasts” has been used as a distinguished feature in fountains. Different materials have been utilized to make beautiful designs. Early fountains were made predominantly of stone or rock. In later years, molds were used to craft lion head designs out of materials like concrete. It was also common for metals like bronze, brass, and iron to used in the lion head wall fountain. Stone and metals were combined to create types of designs that reflected the part of Europe where they were produced. Improvements in the quality of materials for fountain design continued to improve down through the centuries.

People’s interest in finely crafted fountains such as the lion head wall fountain continued, but the problems with working with older and heavier materials was lessened by using new materials such as fiberglass, resin, and some specialized plastics. While some prefer the look of older materials, even the lightweight ones can be made to look like them.

One of the typical features of the lion head wall fountain is that water flowing out of the lion’s mouth into a pool below. Other than this, you can find a lion head wall fountain in all sorts of neat designs. It is possible to find the lion’s head and the bowl made as a complete structure. The lion head wall fountain can be made with more than one water basin, allowing for a cascading effect. You may find other fountains that are nothing but the lion’s head. This is especially true of bronze figurehead fountains that are mounted directly on a wall prepared with water piping. The basin would be a separate piece that is inserted just below the lion figurehead.

Although it is common for more contemporary lion head wall fountains look identical to older, classical designs, they still come with the latest equipment like electric water pumps and newer accessories; they are also much easier to maintain.

There are other benefits included with modern fountain designs. Retail dealers offer a host of fountains that come ready for installation. It is entirely possible to buy a lion head wall fountain for either outdoor or indoor usage, complete with a simple installation guide, and possibly with great extras like lighting elements for use at night. Retailers today are prepared to make deals on their pricing as well as provide incentives such as warranties on their fountains.

No matter where you want one, a lion head wall fountainis an attractive addition to your space, adding just a touch of elegance to cap your classy design. Not only are these fountains aesthetically pleasing, they all offer what all water fountains do, a focal point for serenity. Imagine the soothing sounds of running water coming from your very own lion head wall fountain. What could be better?

This is why Fountain Pens are part of my writing habits

Fountain pens are those pens that have an internal reservoir for liquid ink, there are a variety of mechanisms that allow pens to suck ink inside them, for example older pens had a rubber sack which was pressed and released in order to create the needed pressure. The first pen with a reservoir was invented in 953 AD, when the caliph of Egypt asked for a pen that would contain ink. Another record goes back to the 17th century when a German scientist described a pen created from two quills, one of them was like a reservoir included in the other. The explanation of the slow progress is that back then people didn’t fully understand the importance of pressure, not to mention that ink had a lot of impurities which affected the pen longevity.

Beginning with the 19th century, more precisely with 1875, the pen industry started to develop, there were many problems with pens in those days because of the materials but people liked them anyway. Almost all fountain pens had a problem, they leaked and were hard to fill. With the appearance of new materials the problems were corrected one by one. The golden era for the fountain pens was the inter-war period; in those days some of the best models were created, the Parker Duofold and Vacumatic, the Pelikan 100 and the Sheaffer’s Lifetime Balance series were just some of the top models. In 1940 the ballpoint pen appeared, which marked the beginning of the fountain pens decline. In the first decades after the 1940s the pen industry continued to produce even better pencils like the Parker 51, the Sheaffer Snorkel and Eversharp.

By the late 1960s, ballpoint pens evolved a lot so that they ensured their dominant position in casual writing. At present fountain pens are still used in France and many private schools in Europe prefer them as a symbol of tradition. Some teachers even claim that a child can learn how to write faster if he or she uses a classical pen. In our days good quality gold and silver pens can be found at a decent price especially in Europe. Most people who use fountain pens say these items are part of their writing habits, and for those who sign business contracts, they are part of the work routine. Even official national papers have to be signed with fountain pens: there is a tradition that requires it.

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A Look At The Characteristics Of The Ancient Fountain Pen

The first fountain pen was invented as a viable product in 1884, previous models did exist but none was ready for mass production. Lewis Waterman was the first to create a good viable pen, and he was a real pioneer for the writing industry. Although previous patents for fountain pens were recognized in both North America and Europe the pens had many functional problems. Ink spills and material issues were the main difficulties for the pen industry. Because of such failures early pens like those from the 18th century were very hard to sell in those days when the quill pens were still ruling.

As a historical record the fountain pen appeared one thousand years after the apparition of quill pens, in fact it was the quill that inspired the inventors. They noticed that the ink had the tendency to remain in the feather natural capillary system acting like a reservoir. So they thought how to create a larger reservoir that could store an increased amount of ink. Their idea was simple, to create a man-made pen that would not need constant dipping in the ink. The most primitive pens included a long rubber reservoir with a metal nib at the bottom. This first models were a failure from a certain point of view because of ink dripping: they weren’t good enough to draw a straight line on paper.

Lewis Waterman created the best fountain pen of his times, it is said that the innovatory idea came to him after loosing a valuable contract because of leaky ink pens. He added an air hole into the nib, and he also modified the feed mechanism adding three groves. All fountain pens contain an internal reservoir, for which the first viable solution was the rubber sack. This flexible sack was simply squeezed and inserted in the bottle, when the sack was released the internal pressure would fill it with ink.

There are nine sizes for fountain pen nibs, each of them can be italic, oblique or straight. In the old days the ink composition wasn’t similar to the one we have in our days. The fact is that corrosion affected the metal so fast that few nibs could be used; hence gold was the only good alternative to other materials. To compensate for the lower hardness of gold the tip of the nib was treated with iridium. Another characteristic for early fountain pens was the fact that the nibs would flex gradually according to the owners’ writing skills, this is one of the reasons for which people avoided lending their pens.

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Powering Online Flower Shop With Prestashop

Flowers are the best way to express feelings of pleasures or sorrows and during an occasion whether it is Christmas, weddings, Mothers or Fathers Day, or memorial service flowers are to encapsulate expressive sentiments without words. Yes, message-carrying cards are attached to bouquets or floral wreaths, but they usually intend to make the handouts personalized. Interpretations of these feelings are amazingly identical across the geographical or cultural boundaries. Therefore, flower is an integral part of popular culture holding some kind of positive connotations cross-culture.

Consumption of flowers or cut-flowers is varied from society to society. In few countries, its usage is high while it is low in others. At least, the cut flower is a big industry and producing significant revenues with consumption volume highest in European countries. Historically, Europe has been a top supplier of cut-flowers to different countries around the world. Notably, Miami and New York remained importing destinations of flowers. As time passed and with dissemination of floriculture technology, US and Israel also emerged as major exporters of cut-flowers. However, Europe is still the market leader in the world flower industry.

Internet usage has given a boost to the domestic customer spending on cut-flowers, propelling the commercial floriculture industry. People can now send flowers to persons worldwide by purchasing flowers from online stores dedicated fully to the sale of flowers. This online buying makes it easy for people to search through a long list of flowers while sitting on a chair. The online buying tendency in Europe and US is on the rise.

If you are to start online flower shop, this is a right time to do so. Consumption of cut-flowers in mainly European countries is expected to increase enormously by 2014. Dutch Flower Council in its latest report reveals it is expecting 46 billion Euros spends on consumption of cut flowers in mainly 22 countries mainly from Europe. Potential for artificial flower stores cannot be denied either and online stores can also be deployed for artificial flowers made up from fabrics, clay, or ceramics.

Setting up an online flower store has never been easy. Website templates, premade websites that can also be flexibly customizable, have made the selection process of website designs a click job. PrestaShop templates can be a best choice to create online flower shop. For example, no matter what types of flowers including lily, tulip, rose, cassia fistula, carnations, orchids, violets, or iris you want to set up ecommerce outlet for, PrestaShop flower templates are adaptable to all your needs. It carries exquisite and splendid colors as they are.
PrestaShop is an online shopping cart. It is open-source software and therefore its features and add-ons are developed by a large number of its users and on the back of emerging requirements. It is feature-rich and so far 250 features and 1000 add-ons have been incorporated and the development process is ongoing. Latest version of PrestaShop in the market is named 1.4RC6. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that around 50,000 online shops have been live on PrestaShop websites.

People often criticize additional costs of plug-ins they ought to pay despite acquiring the shopping cart free of cost. Payments on templates e.g. and plug-ins like Twitter and Facebook come under criticism. All in all, a PrestaShop online retail shop is built for an average $1,000. Is it something big when compared to capital that must be needed for constructing physical flower shop? Non-technical persons also appreciate easiness of installation and deployment of PS from start to finish.

Different Flowers Of Different Countries

Flowers are commonly a loving attribute of life. You will find various occasions when individuals gift and present their appreciation or compassion by giving flowers. It is pertinent to select the right color, counts according to their culture, before presenting anyone. They share the principles or effects according to the specific scenario. It all depends on the region, its convention and culture and the special occasion it is being given therefore, subtleness is essential before planning. Having said that, very few people know about respective plants and their relevance.
Colors similar to red, yellow, pink, purple, mauve are normally found in Alstreomeria . Ordinarily it is cut from the stem which is basically 2/3ft long and has divisions with many buds. You can conserve the flower, to appear fresh, for three weeks. The hues, the combination and numbers ought to be well comprehended before offering it.

One other prominent flower is the daffodil, which remind of Wordsworth. With trumpet like visual appeal and six flower petals comes in groupings or single. There are several colors like yellow, white, orange, etc found in daffodils. This flower has to be preserved separately and in a conditioning state. This flower is seasonal and is found in abundance in early spring season.
The world celebrated lily is born in Asia and in china regions. The flower looks like a trumpet and have a large presence due to six inch diameter. One stem can have around seven flowers. The flowers are not to be kept in excess of fifteen days as it will forfeit its attraction and become dry. It may be available in pink, red, orange, white and quite a few others. Cats are prone to becoming contaminated with this flower and for that reason should be located out of their reach.

One of the vital lovable flowers in the world is Rose. Many colorations and types are found in roses. They are seen in colorations of white, yellow, orange, spotted, red and also black and more. The roses can resist the setting and maintained for a week. Talking about rose is definitely talking poetry. It has been a symbolic flower for love, elegance, beauty, and even applied to politics, everywhere in the world. It is the most effective decorative flowers in the world.

Precisely the florist can mix different flowers for distinct situations. They have information about seasonal availability and its significance to the distinct country and culture is very important. The significance of a unique color of flower is not equal for all countries. In Asia white symbolizes feelings of loss or dying, whereas in Europe and America it signifies chasteness and purity. The situation and the heritage of the country has to be understood accordingly to send flowers.