Great Ideas for Sprucing Up a Childs Bedroom

Kids rooms are always difficult to get right. So much stuff and so little space. Getting the right balance of style, functionality and comfort can be tricky, but have no fear – our 5 ideas for sprucing up a child’s bedroom are here to help you!

We’ve tried to keep the list sensible and affordable, with items that are easy to find online in the UK.

1) Digital Wall Art
Much better than bland painted walls and funkier than the funkiest wallpaper, wall art is great way to brighten up any child’s bedroom. You can opt for ready-made designs (try for a great selection) or use your own photographs for a personal touch (try Try creating a room theme and use wall art to take it to the next level. Jungle scenes, night sky, underwater worlds – just a few of the choices available.

2) Bean Bags
Kids love bean bags, it’s scientifically proven. OK – maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they’re a great way to provide comfortable seating and really help to make a room more kid friendly. Versatile, they can be used to encourage quiet reading while still providing the perfect accompaniment to the X-Box. Grab a water resistant bean bag and you can use it in the garden when the weather is hot. Find a great selection of kids bean bags at

3) Beds with Storage/Desk Space
Space is usually a premium in a child’s room. You can make the most of the floor space you have by purchasing a raised bed that includes storage and/or work space below the bed itself. As kids grow older, it is important they have enough room to do homework and highsleepers are a great way to provide this without sacrificing comfort and style. Argos and Ikea provide a good selection, or search online for Stompa beds (although these do tend to be a little more expensive).

4) Homemade clocks
This one is a flash back to Design Technology at school. How about getting the kids involved in the design process. All you need is a cheap clock kit () and a bit of imagination. Maplin even sell digital clock parts these days so you can bring your designs bang up to date.

5) High School Lockers
High School Musical fans will love this one. How about completing the HSM theme with a high school locker. A perfect combination of style and functionality, they’re readily available online. Tight for space? try the half-height junior versions. Try Googling “High School Lockers” to view a selection of retailers offering them for sale. Focus on the sites as a lot of the results tend to be US based (which as you can imagine may charge a fair bit to post one to the UK!).