Narcissus Flower Meaning And Facts

Daffodil is the common name of the species of plants that are known more formally as Narcissus. Daffodil plants are known as Jonquil in some parts of the southern US. There are between 50 100 species of daffodil in cultivation, with wide range of colors, sizes and bloom times avalable. Daffodils first appear in recorded history around 300 BC, they were grown for medicinal purposes by the ancient Romans, Greeks and Chinese.

The bulbs of daffodil contain poison lykorine which can be very dangerous especially when eaten, small traces of the poison is also found in the foliage of the plant. The plants uses the poison to protect them from animal predators such as deer and rodents. Daffodils are native from southern Europe through western Asia.

According to ancient Greeks, a youth named Narcissus was so admired by his own reflection in a pool of water, he was unable to leave and eventually died without water or food and later daffodils grew on the spot.

Symbolizing new beginnings and rebirth, the daffodil is virtually synonymous with spring. Botanically named as narcissus, these flowers are sometimes called jonquils and because of their long association with Lent, in England they are known as the Lent lily. It is said that if you spot the first daffodil of the season, luck and wealth will find you for your next 12 months.

Chinese also believe that your home will be filled with good luck if your daffodils bloom during the New Year. The flower is used as a symbol of the Chinese New Year. The daffodil is also considered as a suitable flower for people who celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. It is also important to note that always present daffodils in a bunch because many people believe when given as a single bloom the flower can foretell misfortune.

How Many Flowers Represents Your Heart In China

Valentine’s Day originates from Roman Lupercalia. It is said that birds begins to mate in this day. At that time, the custom is: during the Lupercalia, every young man drew lots from one box which contained some notes with young woman’s name on. The girl will become the young mans lover whose name he got from the box. Afterward, this festival changed to commemorate a Christian saint named Valentine.

The Romans young Christian missionary, Valentine, was put in prison because of spreading the Christianity. He had been taken good care from the old warder and his blind daughter for moving them. Valentine showed his affection to the girl by writing a letter before execution. It was in that day, Feb. 14, The blind girl planted a apricot tree of red flower in front of his grave to cherish the memory of her lover.

Nowadays, in Valentine’s Day, many young men express their firm love to their sweetheart by way of cutting the Valentine’s postcard into butterflies and fresh flowers. And girls hope to dream their lover through putting laurel leaves on the pillow. But in China, after the reform and opening, many young men and women were beginning to celebrate this holiday. Chinese young people pay more and more attention on it so that Valentine’s Day is comparable to Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. Currently, Chinese people like presenting red roses as a gift to show the feelings of love between lovers during that day. In addition to this, maybe the Tulips, Forget-Me-Not, Lilies, chocolate, fruits, or gift baskets will be you second choice. Sometimes, girls will give a heart-shaped box of chocolates in return after receiving the flowers from that boy whom she is fond of. It is said that one of the ingredients of chocolate is Phenyl amine which can give you the similar feeling in love due to the changed hormone of body. So, if you have a Chinese girlfriend or get a crush on a Chinese girl, do not hesitate to send her a bouquet of flowers to show your love for her, for China.

How many roses represent your heart in China?
1 Rose, You are my only baby
2 Roses, Our deep love
3 Roses, I love you
4 Roses, Vows and commitments
5 Roses, Regretless
6 Roses, Go smoothly
7 Roses, Happy reunion
8 Roses, Apologizing
9 Roses, Steadfast love
10 Roses, You are perfect
11 Roses, My heart and mind is only for you
12 Roses, Soul mate
13 Roses, Unrequited love
17 Roses, Merry meet and merry part
20 Roses, Nothing is going to change my love for you
21 Roses, You are my favorite
22 Roses, In pairs
24 Roses, Missing you
36 Roses, My heart belongs to you
44 Roses, My love will never change until death
50 Roses, I will always love you without complaint or regret
57 Roses, My love to my wife
66 Roses, Unchanged love
99 Roses, Forever love
100 Roses, We live together till old and grey
108 Roses, Proposal
111 Roses, Endless Love
144 Roses, Love you generation after generation
365 Roses, Miss you every day
999 Roses, Everlasting love

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