Pattaya Flower Gardens

Nong Nooch Pattaya flower gardens

In 1954 Mr and Mrs Nong Nooch purchased the land in Pattaya, originally the idea was to use this as farm land but they were inspired by an overseas trip and decided to turn the land into tropical flower gardens. Originally designed for preservation of tropical plant species the gardens were later turned into a recreational and tourist attraction. The word Suan means garden, so the name translated into English means Nong Nooch (family) gardens. The garden is now run by their son Mr. Kampon Tansacha

The Nong Nooch Pattaya flower garden is now a popular attraction and the beautiful garden is now used as a venue to host a number of different events. These events range from flower shows, florist exhibitions, botanical research, preservation, eductation and for the promotion of tourism in Pattaya. The most notable use of the Pattaya Flowers gardens is for the Thai Cultural Show which is a yearly event in Pattaya.

Every day the flower gardens receive over 2000 visitors, many of these vistors come from other areas in Thailand but many travel from other parts of Asia and all over the world to visit these beautiful gardens. The flower gardens are kept in immaculate form and they are constantly being upgraded with new flowers being added on a daily basis.
The Thai cultural show and dances happen every day, the y usually start with The Elephant Show where Elephants are subjected to humiliation by being made to play football, ride motorbikes and dancing. This is one of the more controversial aspects of the flower show and they are considering stopping these performances. To Thai people Elephants are admired and have an almost holy status, but to foreigners and animal rights activists this use of Elephants is often considered unacceptable.

There are several cultural performances per day which include dancing, and theatrical displays of Thai history and culture.

Nong Nuch Flower gardens in Pattaya are situated on the old Sukhumvit Road, which is the joining road between Bangkok and Pattaya. The easiest way from downtown Pattaya to the flower gardens is by Taxi. Local flower garden tours can also be booked from travel agents in Pattaya. Shop around for the best prices since they can vary significantly.

Ceramic Flower Vase – An Ideal Craftwork

It is generally nice to have fresh-cut flowers in a room. Flowers liven and brighten up a room, and their scent can give a room an incredibly pleasant allure. The beautifying impact of flowers in a room could be additional enhanced by the flower crystal vase wherein these blooms are place. Flower vase and crystal vase generally go together both for practical and for aesthetic purposes, but the incorrect match between flower vase and crystal vase will defeat this purpose and ruin the effect.

The quality ceramic flower vase is the perfect compliment to floral arrangements. A single ceramic flower vase with one to three flowers will add color and life to a corner desk or designer kitchen. A display containing multiple vases will add joy and elegance as wedding center pieces and dining table arrangements. They will enhance the decor in restaurants, homes and offices. Ceramic flower vase is sold at wholesale pricing for quantity orders for gift shops or wedding centerpieces.

Ceramic flower vase showcases the traditional motifs as well as modern designs. Ceramic flower vase is designed in styles ranging from exquisite to outrageous ones. Despite the highly competitive global markets, the handicrafts sector has become the top exporter because of its high demand for designs and detailed workmanship. Exquisite Ceramic flower vase is made of a variety of materials like: brass, iron, ceramic, glass etc. Flower vase chiseled out of variety of materials in varied shapes are extremely eye-catching with their compelling beauty. The base is made heavy to provide support to the body of the flower base. Meticulously carved, the flower vase has gained immense popularity worldwide as major export items. Available in a variety of sizes, designs and styles, the marble flower vase is sure to look new for years to come. They make exclusive gifts as decorative accents.

Most of ceramic flower vase is glazed. There is a vast variety to choose from to suit belief. From the tiny bonsai vases to the giant garden urns, they come in a beautiful array of teals, rich blues, blood reds or even plain brown. Ceramic flower vase is particularly suited to formal gardens and gardens with an Asian theme. The large dragon pots of Asia which contain glorious lotus plants are just an example of how pots can be used to create drama and effect.

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Jasmine Tea And Chinese Flower Tea

The importance of floral elements in Chinese traditions dates back to the earliest origins of their culture. The gods, dragons, and other mythological entities from Ancient Chinese folklore were personified in the many blossoming plants and vines that are native to the Asian continent. The practice of brewing tea from these symbolic representations of the powers of nature has always been a form of ritual tribute as well as a dietary function.

The tradition of Chinese flower tea has come to include the practice of combining different flowers in such a way that the act of brewing tea becomes a form of visual entertainment that also provides a spiritual or religious ceremony. The personification of the various dragons of Chinese mythology is seen in the visual display created by brewing amaranths, sunflowers, marigolds, and jasmines.

Jasmine tea in particular is a popular favorite among Chinese flower tea makers. This is partially due to the very aromatic qualities of this tiny flower in its many species. The fragrance of the jasmine is retained even after the processes of drying and combining with other botanicals in the tea-making process itself. Yet the symbolic meaning of the jasmine is an equally important reason that this flower is used so often in Chinese flower tea.

Jasmine tea has been brewed for hundreds of centuries all across Asia for its well-know ability to calm nerves and other bodily functions. Jasmine is used as a sedative agent not only in tea but in the practice or aroma therapy that, although a relatively new phenomenon to Western culture, has been a part of everyday Chinese healing since the beginning of their culture. Jasmine tea is brewed to settle upset digestive systems, reduce inflammation in wounds, and ease the sleep of children and adults alike.

This is why the jasmine flower is used so often in combination with other floral buds in Chinese flower tea. Its medicinal application, along with the aesthetic value of its fragrance, adds significantly to any choice of flowering plant that is used in tea making. The numerous varieties of colors that jasmine flowers come in are another reason for their wide use in Chinese flower tea. White jasmines combined with a pink rose becomes a crown of passion when the brewed, as the petals of these flowers unfold. A dried bundle of yellow jasmine, marigold, and globe amaranth flower buds, artistically woven together, miraculously unfurl into a colorful bouquet that reminds one of wildflowers in a meadow at springtime.

The tradition of skillfully weaving flower buds together to create a showpiece of color and fragrance in a teapot is one of the carryovers from the days of the ancient Chinese dynasties, when dragon spirits and forces of nature were a very real part of the life and ideology of the Chinese people. The Western culture of today has inherited this tradition in the practice of making Chinese flower tea, not only for its homeopathic healing qualities but for its ability to enlighten the spirit as well.

Herbal Phytoestroges And Breast Enhancement Recent Advances

Pueraria Mirifica which has grown for centuries in Northern Thailand certainly a miracle plant. Its robust estrogenic effects have the power to make many of the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture prescription estrogen products for various uses quiver. Pueraria Mirifica is also an agonistic for calcium 1 making the powerful pharmaceuticals like Fosamax and Boniva far, far less relevant!

It has been used safely in various parts of Asia for centuries. Its benefits as an anti-aging remedy have lived up to all the folklore! Pueraria is very close to being the “Fountain of Youth.”

The broad based phytoestrogen complex in Pueraria Mirifica far exceeds all other plant supplements. The dominant compound in Pueraria Mirifica is miroestrol which approximates the efficacy of 17 beta estradiol with some very, very distinct differences.

However, unlike 17 beta estradiol miroestrol is not a steriod compound. The miroestrol in Pueraria Mirifica phytoestrogen complex is not mutagenic nor does it cause proliferation of cells in Mcf 7 platings, nor has it in animal studies done in England in the early 1960’s. This sets it apart from other known animal based synthetic estrogens.

In fact cell plating studies suggest Pueraria Mirifica complex may have a preventative role in hormonally based cancers. Recently a Korean group isolated a fraction from Pueraria Mirifica called spinosterols which had a significant antiproliferative effect on breast cancer cell lines. One of these spinosterol fractions affected the growth (inhibitory) of some breast cancer cell lines in a dose- and time-dependent manner. In addition it affected the the growth of ovarian and cervical cancer cells.

Another recent study study by a Thai-Japanese team has discovered very compelling and powerful implications for men and anti-aging benefits. It had previously been thought that because of miroestrol’s unique efficacy mature men could use it only sparingly. This does not look to be the case however. This recent study (animal) demonstrates that it takes a great deal of Pueraria Mirifica to effect the androgenic-hypothalamic axis. This may have profound anti-aging implications for men.

Studies in England and Thailand have demonstrated miroestrol is very mamogenic for women. It is effective in 90% of women who use it. The unique all natural compounds make it the only ideal choice for breast enlargement and firming.

Phytoestrogen compounds have been shown to have a positive role in the prevention of osteoporosis, prostrate cancer, reduction of menopausal syndrome, beneficial cholesterol ratios, maintenance of hair pattern, prevention of hormonally based cancers.

One might speculate that Pueraria Mirifica may actually have growth hormone secretagogue properties for women because of the dynamics of miroestrol. This would be consistent with endogenous estrogen. Further research will be the key

Pueraria Mirifica is a complex plant. The actives build up in the plant over a very long period of time. Harvesting wild plants presents profound challenges.

The genetic profiles have significant differences, age of the plant, soil, conditions, climate and moisture factors are variables which can not be controlled.

Some companies have chosen a paradigm of standardized extracts for the active. This does not take into consideration other compounds in the plant. Some of these compounds are undesirable.

Each herb has its own natural intrinsic dynamic. Using inferior starting material and extracting may change these inherent dynamics. After all we talking about herbals not pharmaceuticals.

Many extracts are manufactured with very large ratios. It is very difficult to duplicate through chemical extraction that which occurs naturally. Uniformed genetics, conditions, nutrient enrichment, and moisture control are tantamount.

It is very important to understand the difference between the cultivated varieties and the wild grown. The market is flooded with products advertised for breast enlargement and firming manufactured from inexpensive wild grown and collected plants.

The raw material in these supplements and topicals is not expensive to produce and therefore the products are inexpensive to the end comsumer. Women (and men) desiring to increase breast size, need to learn this important diffenence.

It is not recommended that Pueraria Mirifica be formulated with other less potent phytoestrogens. Less potent effects of isoflavones, black cohosh, fenugreek, licorice saw palmetto etc. will only interfere with the powerful mode of action of miroestrol. This will only enable an inferior product.

Consumers should beware of these types of formulations an the technical expertise of those manufacturing them.

Spa Products For Face The Skin-nourishing Lotus Flower

Nelumbo nucifera, commonly known as Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, is native to tropical Asian nations and Queensland, Australia. It has long been a staple of oriental cuisine and traditional medicine. In Thai traditional medicine it is believed to rejuvenate the heart and the renowned beauties of Asia have for centuries used it as an indispensable and nourishing part of the best anti aging skin care.

And no wonder, 1,300 year old seeds of this aquatic perennial, recovered from a dry lake bed in northeastern China have been successfully germinated. All of the best healing properties of this resilient and beautiful plant are transferable to the body either topically or by consuming them.

How does Lotus benefit skin?

Pollen collected in the stamen is used to flavor teas which nourish the blood and lubricate internal organs, including the epidermis. As the nutrients regulate blood circulation, skin cell regeneration is stimulated. The treasure trove of flavonoids and linoleic acid in the stamen has a strong antioxidant effect against free radical damage caused by environmental factors. The onslaught of toxins, contaminants and UV ravages are significantly inhibited with the use of the lotus, for skin protection. These of course are common ingredients in many facial skin care products today.

Lotus pollen used in topical preparations can drastically improve the texture and condition of the skin. Linoleic acid, for example, is proven by dermatologists to be a useful treatment for reducing acne, erasing blemishes and naturally brightening the skin. For this reason, the desired result of optimal glowing radiance is achieved when including this holistic ingredient in your skincare regime.

Lotus flowers are also a vital source of vitamin B, one the most important tools in the best skin care routine. It increases the ability of the epidermis to retain moisture and relieves the dryness-symptomatic to aging skin. Vitamin B is an indispensable component of the best skin care products for treating fine lines and wrinkles by firming up the dermis and regenerating fibroblast cells which produce collagen.

Including Lotus in your diet for skin and body health

Beauty is not only skin deep it also comes from what is put into the body. For many centuries, traditional cultures in Egypt and Asia have used lotus root as a valuable food resource. Lotus roots, with their mild flavor and crisp texture, can be cooked as any other vegetable. Recent studies confirm that they are rich in dietary fiber, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin and essential minerals that promote optimal skin health.

All parts of the plant can be consumed. The flowers can be used in salads or as a beautiful edible garnish. The seeds which are also used in the best face care products, can be eaten raw, roasted or popped like popcorn. Ground roasted lotus seeds are a refreshing and stimulating coffee substitute. Even the beet-like stem can be peeled and eaten.

This lovely and amazing plant represents beauty and purity in mind and body. It does what it says on the packet and is certain worth a trip to your local Asian grocery to explore its myriad benefits for your skin.

Facts About The Gerbera Flower

Gerberas have lots of bright colours, ranging from yellow to pink, or red to orange. Gerbera flowers evoke a sense of happiness.Gerberas are perennial flowering plants with large capitulum and 2 lipped ray florets. The capitulum of the flower appears as a single flower, but it is actually hundreds of individual flowers.

Flower comes from the family of Asters, Daisies, and the Sunflowers. The Gerbera has a wide distribution from Africa to Madagascar, tropical Asia and South America. Gerbera flowers are available in a variety of colours.

The meaning of the Gerbera flower include: innocence and purity, and daisies are also symbolic to beauty. However the Gerbera holds a meaning of excitement and cheer, which derives from the assortment of colours that are available.

The Gerbera is a very commercial flower and is the 5th most cut flower worldwide (after the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip). This plant attracts birds, bees, and butterflies.

Gerbera flowers come in 4 different forms:

* Single Flowers – This type of Gerbera has non-overlapping petals with a green centre. These are the most commonly found. * Double or Duplex – This type of Gerbera has a double row of overlapping petals with a green, black, or dark red eye. * Crested Doubles – The Crested doubles have two rows of overlapping petals, containing one or more inner rows of petals with green, black or dark red eye. * Full Crested Doubles – This type of Gerbera has solid overlapping rows of petals with an inner row diminishing in size, covering totally the eye.

Other Interesting Facts about the Gerbera flower:

* Gerberas are also known as Gerbera Daisies. * Gerbera Daisies come in a large assortment of colours; from yellow to orange, pink, red, white and many more beautiful bright colours. * Gerberas have a long flower vase life and are great to add some colour to any room or garden. * Gerbera flowers usually measure approximately 7 inches across. *The Gerbera seeds must be planted in small pots, until they get big enough to transfer them into flower beds.

Different Flowers Of Different Countries

Flowers are commonly a loving attribute of life. You will find various occasions when individuals gift and present their appreciation or compassion by giving flowers. It is pertinent to select the right color, counts according to their culture, before presenting anyone. They share the principles or effects according to the specific scenario. It all depends on the region, its convention and culture and the special occasion it is being given therefore, subtleness is essential before planning. Having said that, very few people know about respective plants and their relevance.
Colors similar to red, yellow, pink, purple, mauve are normally found in Alstreomeria . Ordinarily it is cut from the stem which is basically 2/3ft long and has divisions with many buds. You can conserve the flower, to appear fresh, for three weeks. The hues, the combination and numbers ought to be well comprehended before offering it.

One other prominent flower is the daffodil, which remind of Wordsworth. With trumpet like visual appeal and six flower petals comes in groupings or single. There are several colors like yellow, white, orange, etc found in daffodils. This flower has to be preserved separately and in a conditioning state. This flower is seasonal and is found in abundance in early spring season.
The world celebrated lily is born in Asia and in china regions. The flower looks like a trumpet and have a large presence due to six inch diameter. One stem can have around seven flowers. The flowers are not to be kept in excess of fifteen days as it will forfeit its attraction and become dry. It may be available in pink, red, orange, white and quite a few others. Cats are prone to becoming contaminated with this flower and for that reason should be located out of their reach.

One of the vital lovable flowers in the world is Rose. Many colorations and types are found in roses. They are seen in colorations of white, yellow, orange, spotted, red and also black and more. The roses can resist the setting and maintained for a week. Talking about rose is definitely talking poetry. It has been a symbolic flower for love, elegance, beauty, and even applied to politics, everywhere in the world. It is the most effective decorative flowers in the world.

Precisely the florist can mix different flowers for distinct situations. They have information about seasonal availability and its significance to the distinct country and culture is very important. The significance of a unique color of flower is not equal for all countries. In Asia white symbolizes feelings of loss or dying, whereas in Europe and America it signifies chasteness and purity. The situation and the heritage of the country has to be understood accordingly to send flowers.

Difficult to be in the florist flower island

Every Sunday , Marie -Alice Azerot left Sainte- Marie at 3:00 am to set up and sell flowers on the sidewalk in front of the Asylum market in Fort -de- France . Born in Sainte- Marie , she is selling flowers for thirty years. The majority of the flowers she sells are its gardens. She also works with wholesalers who bring flowers including Colombia. She is Mary -Alice Azerot . Her favorite flowers are the alpinias , anthuriums , heliconias the … When she is not in the vicinity of markets – Fort -de- France on Sunday Lamentin Saturday – she makes home deliveries or provides some churches Martinique. In recent years, the market of flowers began to flower arrangements. She explains: “Before I was selling in the markets , but I prefer to stay outside . Because there is more space . Things were easier . Now , we need to modernize the needs of clients who always wants more . ” This seller is well organized. It has set up two tables and an umbrella . She scissors to cut the stems , plastic for packing flowers and other decorative accessories for bouquets. She passionately loves his job but was unable to convince his children to follow his path . “In this industry , you must have the courage and good health. Everything is difficult today , “she said. SEVERE COMPETITION Eldest of a family of eleven children, she worked hard to ” get in life,” as she says. She does not hide his happiness to us being in the nature, in the gardens that she loves . However, it is unfortunate this observation: “When Mother’s Day, All Saints , Christmas , the New Year’s Day approaching, everyone becomes florist . Competition is severe. These occasional give serious backhand to the profession. And yet , in the markets of fruits and vegetables, we are a well-knit family ” Marie -Alice Azerot continues to explain to customers who have become friends over the years , that “we are on an island. The Martinique will not advance , because we are too selfish , we need more solidarity. ” Our market remembers the good old days when it began selling flowers in 1983 in the town of Lamentin . Year ‘s turnover increased year. Today, this is no longer the case , she said : “With the new practice to cremate our dead , campaigns against the mosquito in cemeteries and the influx of artificial flowers from Asia, sale of natural flowers is seriously declining. And say that we continue to repeat without looking around us that we are an island of flowers?

Sending Flowers Through Flowers Express

Ever wanted a way to send flowers to the Philippines? Because of the age that we live into, sending flowers isn’t as hard anymore compared to the days where flowers must be bought on the spot. Today, online flower shops outrank traditional shops because of the ease and convenience that customers could have when they want to buy and give flowers. One of those is Flowers Express’ Send Flowers Philippines service.

Flowers Express is one of the many online flower shops in the Philippines that offers their services directly for Filipinos who wanted an easier, fast, and reliable way to buy and send flowers to the Philippines. What makes Flowers Express unique from other online flower shops?

One of the reasons is that Flowers Express and its Send Flowers Philippines service is owned and operated by eLBC Direct, Inc., an LBC company that is dedicated to providing Filipinos access to products and services apart from the traditional products offered by LBC.

LBC has become a household name to Filipinos since launching its cargo and courier services in the Philippines during the post World War II period over half a century ago. Its vision then remains the same today: to link people to people through the express delivery of services that include cargo, courier, money remittance and travel. Having proven itself in supplying its services domestically, LBC trained its eye towards catering to the needs of overseas Filipinos.

LBC began its international expansion in 1985, establishing its first overseas office in San Francisco, California. Today, it has over 600 branches in the Philippines, 60 branches all over the US, and has set up branches in Europe, Canada and Asia.

The demand for LBC’s services grew rapidly in tandem with the number of Filipinos who moved abroad. One of LBC’s expansions included Flowers Express. Launched in October 2005, Flowers Express’ Send Flowers Philippines is the all-occasion, no-occasion flower delivery service that offers the same service that of LBC.

And as one of LBC’s expansions, Flowers Express offers free nationwide door-to-door delivery in 24 hours. Flowers Express flowers are grown, selected and hand-picked by the best growers in the country and then shipped directly to their customers or their recipient, usually within 24 hours of being cut. As such, some flowers will arrive with their buds closed. So if you want to send some flowers to the Philippines, then Flowers Express is the most reliable online Philippine flower shop.