Symbolism Of The Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Most people are not aware that tattoos began as a part of rituals of different tribes and ethnic groups. It used to signify a meaningful phase in the life of the person receiving the symbol.

The rituals could be rather long and painful for the one having it done, but this thought does not usually entered their mind because having the tattoo is much more important than the process of getting it.

In today’s society, anyone can get a tattoo with nothing more ritualistic than sitting still and paying for the artwork. Boys, girls, men and women opt to have art placed on their bodies and the reasons for doing so vary from being rebellious, to honoring a loved one, to just plain fun. A common tattoo that is seen is the Hawaiian flower.

Flower designs are more than just beautiful pieces of art that endure on the skin. The flower is the perfect symbol of nurturing and flourishing. It is the embodiment of earth and life.

Among the famous flowers, Hawaiian flowers are given special attention because they are symbols of hospitality and friendship. Perhaps this is why people opt for Hawaiian flower tattoos. Maybe if they are unaware of the symbolism behind the flowers, they are drawn to it because of the symbolism.

Those who usually get the flower designs do not want the typical rose tattoos that were very popular years ago, they now choose Hawaiian flowers. This type of design embraces femininity more so with a twist. There are many Hawaiian flowers with many different symbolisms. So women who choose these tattoos have choices in regards to which flower best represents her.

That said, one must consider what each flower represents before picking a tattoo for themselves. The most popular Hawaiian flower tattoo is the Hibiscus flower. This flower does actually grow in other parts of the world but it is the state flower of Hawaii. Whether as the state flower or as a Hawaiian tattoo, it clearly represents the Hawaiian culture.

People who get these tattoos usually have it in a tribal style where it is outlined with thick black lines and accentuated with a bit of color. These types of flower tattoos are very fitting for men who don’t want to be too feminine but can appreciate the beauty of a flower.

Sometimes Hawaiian flower tattoos are seen along with sea turtles or surfboards, which are also indicative of Hawaii. I have seen tattoos drawn like a lei on the neck. So there are many creative ways to represent any Hawaiian flower tattoo.

However, no one should get a tattoo without thinking things through. Tattoos are permanent scars on the body and it is only sound advice that one decide clearly what they want. Today there are options to get tattoos removed from the body but they are usually very expensive and require multiple, painful procedures.

Hawaiian flower tattoos are very eye catching and have meaning behind them, so if you are considering a new tattoo, take a look at the Hawaiian flowers to see if any would be nice enough for you to adorn your body.