Subliminal Mp3 Technology To Get Rid Of Addiction

We have come far in the race to perfection and the search for perfection has come about for a long time. Ever since there were men who went to search for the fountain of youth, the tree of life and the holy grail, man has been obsessed with the need to make themselves better and bigger. These searches has encompassed us all, and now even in the modern times of man, scientists and men in white costs has been going through the mind and the gene pool to find ways of perfecting the man make up and speed up the evolution of man.

One of the areas of interest is of course the brain and the mind, a phenomenal within the biological make up of man, and of course a fixation based on the realisation that we have not even come close to uncovering the mysteries of the mind. More than 60% of the mind has been left undiscovered and there has been research on going to open up all the shadows and put some light on how the brain actually works. One of the discoveries of the mind is that there is a subconscious mind within the actual conscious mind, and this is the more powerful of the two.

What was discovered was that there was a way to actually talk to the subconscious mind, and one of the initial methods was hypnosis, the ability to actually talk to the inner mind when the actual person was actually unconscious, or in a heightened state of unconsciousness. One of the things you need to realise is that the subconscious mind is attached to almost every function in the mind, and all functions in the mind is something that is tied down to the functions of the body. When we are talking about addiction, we need to know that addiction is rooted in the mind, because the subconscious has been exposed to these elements for such a long time, and the feelings of goodness for a long time such that it makes a dangerous association.

Once this association has been made, then there subconscious will then instruct the physical body to actually think that they need to have this element to actually survive and that is when addiction actually happens. For one thing, you will now be able to see that addiction is rooted in the subconscious mind, and you need to actually to get rid of this addictive message in the mind and implant new ones. How you can do this is to actually get the subliminal mp3 available online and plug that into an audio device and put some headphones on. Then you will be able to bombard your subconscious mind with the messages necessary to erase the addiction in your mind and thus be a clean and healthy person. The method to do this is just another step in the perfection of man and woman, and using the power of technology and the devices of the mind, a method has been found.

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