Suanluang Rama Ix Bangkok Flower Park

Suanluang flower park in Bangkok was opened in 1987, the park was built in celebration for the 60th birthday celebrations for His Majesty King Rama IXs 60th Birthday.

This park is a popular place for jogging and exercise, Bangkok residents often jog around this park and you can often see people doing athletic training, yoga and practicing martial arts in this park. This flower park is the largest public park in Bangkok.

This Bangkok flower park is an oasis in an urban metropolis and is somewhere often overlooked by tourists who do not take the time to explore the recreation areas in this park. The park is part botanical garden and partly for recreation. It is a wonderful place to go jogging early in the morning or late in the evening to combine your fitness regime with unwinding after a busy day working and commuting in Bangkok.

Suangluang represents the best of the flower gardens in Thailand. There are four main areas in the Botanical flower gardens in this park, they are the Rommaniya Garden, The Reservoir, Sanam Rasdara, and the Water Garden. You can go jogging in the park, then row a boat out to the middle of the beautiful Water Garden and then finish up with a relaxing outdoor picnic amongst the beautiful flowers in the Botanical Flower gardens.

Rommaniya Garden

In December every year you can see the famous Bangkok flowers show around the date of His Majesty The Kings Birthday. There are many flower stalls, where Bangkok florists will gather to exhibit and sell their flower arrangement and potted plants. You can purchase a potted orchid plant for around $2.

The Resevoir

The artificial lake in The Reservoir is a popular place for boating and water sports, on Buddhist holidays you can often see free cultural events and public displays and if you are lucky and see the Songkran theatrical display with beautiful candles and sky lanterns over the lake you are really in for a treat.

Sanam Rasdara

This Botanical garden features hundreds of species of orchid plants. The Golden Shower Flower garden features the Ratchaphruek flowers which are the national flower of Thailand.

Water Garden

This flower garden features many types of lilies, which are very popular flowers in Thailand. You can rent a boat and float aimlessly amongst the beautiful and highly fragrant lilies and admire the giant carp. Fishing is strictly prohibited.

To get to Suangluam flower gardens take any Bangkok taxi, the word is prounounced Sooang Laarm if you may need to speak clearly to the taxi driver. You can also ask for Park Seri Center and they should understand. Travelling by bus take public bus 206 or 511, disembark at the Seri Center and cross the road and walk to the left until you see the sign for Bangkok Flower park.