Steps To Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Business

To get your business online there are a variety of things that you will need, one of which is a website and a domain name. Before you rush out and name your website here are a few points to consider:

1.A strong memorable domain name is key to the success of your internet presence. Your domain name should clearly state what your business or brand represents
2.Choose a simple name that is easy to remember
3.Avoid using domains with too many hyphens separating keywords. People are unlikely to remember to include hyphens when typing domain names.
4.Choose the singulars as it possible for people to forget the additional s at the end of an address
5.To overcome this you can also look at registering different versions of your web address. For example, register possible misspellings, hyphenated domain names etc. You can then choose to redirect all these versions to the primary URL structure
6.One that will stick in the minds of your existing and new customers so that they become returning customers.
7.Keep your chosen name short.
8.If possible incorporate your main keywords in your selected name. For example if you are in the flower business choose something related such as (this incorporates keywords online florist)
9.When registering the domain also conduct a quick search on variations or common misspellings of your name. If your business starts to take off in a big way you want to ensure that you own all variations (or as many as possible) to avoid other people taking advantage of your business name success.
10.Avoid choosing trademarked names or any that resemble a trademark. This will simply cause unnecessary problems
11.Register your domain name locally. If your business is located in Australia register a domain. If you conduct business internationally you can also choose to register .com or other relevant versions.
12.Choose a reputable domain name registration company. There are plenty online advertising as the best, but if you are a small to medium business owner you want to find a company that can cater to your requirements. You need a company that also offers web hosting, domain name transfers and renewals (especially ones that send you reminders on expiration dates) and also provide critical email hosting and a good 24 hour telephone and email support (preferably local support)

Now that you know what too look out for, the next step is to start brainstorming potential ideas and finding out if they are still available.