Steps In Making Inexpensive Crystal Bridal Bouquet

Crystal bridal bouquets are popular these days, becoming the trendy alternative to standard flower bouquets. Crystal bouquets are good for ladies who consider bridal bouquets as lifetime wedding memorabilia. Flower bouquets will wither after a week or two. Crystal bouquets are timeless. The question is whether to buy them or make your own.

Your wedding florist should be able to help you with designing your bridal bouquet. Bridal bouquets should be considered key pieces of your wedding. It is hard to imagine weddings without pretty and classy bouquets. Conventional flower bouquets can be transformed to glittering bunch of flowers. If you want to personalize your bouquet and make it classy with crystals, you are going to need crystals, wires, and ribbons. You may also need adhesive tapes and craft pliers. You can buy these supplies at craft stores in your town. Buying online is another option.

Since crystals are the pivotal element of your floral bouquet. Elegant crystal bridal bouquets can be created using Swarovski crystals. Such an elegant creation may be too expensive for some. You can go for less expensive crystals, like the Czech fire polished crystals, which look gorgeous. Those who are considering other types of crystals should go online to see a wide assortment and compare prices to see which ones fit the budget.

There are different ways of creating crystal bouquets, but you most probably would need a spool of silver wire and ribbons. Use 20 gauge silver wire. You may need craft pliers for cutting and bending these wires. When buying ribbons, make sure you base your choice on your wedding day motif.

Here are steps to make chic crystal bouquet.

1. Prepare about 20 inches of cut wires.
2. Run the wire into a crystal bead until it reaches the center of the wire. Fold the wire in such a way that the ends meet together.
3. The next step is to braid the crystal beads. You can do this manually, but some people use a braiding tool and craft pliers, which hasten the task. Insert the bead into the clamp of the braiding tool while holding both wire ends with pliers. Once you turn the drill, the wire ends will twist to form a firm stem of the bead. Do this process to as many crystals as you likeenough to form a good bouquet.
4. You may need to trim the stems to the desired length. The best way to do this is to gather all stems and trim them all at once.
5. Bring all stems together so you can form a nice bouquet of crystals. There are a few ways to do this. You can glue the wire stems together or you can use wires to tie the stems together. Your bouquet is not yet finished. The crystal beads may be glittering, but the bundled silver wire stems can look unsightly.
6. Cover the stem in ribbon. Accentuate the crystals with ribbon loops. The design shall be based on your preference this time.

If you do not have time to work on your crystal bouquet or if you do not trust your creativity that much, consider checking out available wedding crystal bouquets online.