Specifically what does the Ancient Flower of Life Symbol tells us in regards to the procedure of in

Phase 1: A spirit in out of space and the Flower of Life
You’re a star in space. Everything you experience as black. Your own light within your star you see as pitch black. Others see your black light as white light. A physics rule: light that radiates away from you, you experience as black. Light that radiates to you you experience as white light. You’re one with the creation as well as a great star.
Phase 2: You choose your parents and the Flower of Life
You choose parents or maybe even bring them together 18 months before conception. You choose the genetical en charged material from your mother as well as your father and fully accept this. You both choose family ties and family lines with mild, strong or extreme potential suffering in emotional, mental or physical areas. You like both your mother and father uncondionally.
The light sphere of your father and the light sphere of your mother represent the 2 outer rings within the Flower of Life symbol. Furthermore they represent your 3rd eye as well as your heart chakra. Inside the ovum the male nuncleus and female nuncleus merge into one cell. At that time your spirit comes in and switches on a magnetic field. You’re in the divine flow as well as in complete oneness. The very first energized cell of one’s body with magical processes is now into existance. We don’t understand up to this moment in time all the automatic processes within our bodies even our best scientists don’t understand.

From medical journals about DNA, I understood that merely one percent of our own genes are derived from our parents and 99% comes from our very own. Probably our light seems so tiny and at the same time so powerful so it prevales in the production of a whole new body. From an emotinal and mental angle the influence of our parents while we mature looks like it’s quite strong. Especially that which we model from them and convictions they give to us.

I am a spiritual teacher and coach focused on to help people grow by sharing secrets from Ancient times. You can leverage from 25 years or so of experience.
In the past our collective consciousness level was much higher. At this moment it is rising strongly. Learn from the know-how of the past and just apply with your attention and intention new techniques.
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