Solar Water Fountain – Should I Install A Solar Water Fountain In My Garden

The basic concept behind a solar water fountain is very simple. In this a solar cell attached to the fountain pump converts direct sunlight into electricity that drives the fountain pump.

There are many advantages of having a solar water fountain in your garden. Firstly do don’t have to lay electrical cables in your garden by digging the ground and spoiling your beautiful lawn or demolishing pathways. All you have to do is select a location in your garden where there is lots of direct sunlight and place the fountain cascade and the solar cell there to start generating electricity that will eventually fire the fountain pump.

It is absolutely necessary that the solar cell attached to the fountain receives direct and
clear sunlight to work properly. If it happens that after a few hours the area you have selected receives shadows from nearby trees or rooftops than the solar cell will fail to generate enough electricity to run the pump and it’s operation will stop.

Another point to be considered here is that during cloudy atmospheric conditions your solar water fountain may not function as expected because of poor sunlight condition. The solar cell attached to the fountain cannot store electricity. This makes it unusable during night hours. To cater this problem many solar fountains has an arrangement of direct AC Adapter connection so that the pump can be run indoors with a direct supply of electricity.

Most solar fountains come equipped with the basic fountain cascade with a submersible pump and a solar panel of about 6inch X 8inch dimensions attached by a 10feet long electrical cable. This is necessary because you can choose a place in your garden where there is clear sunlight however the fountain cascade can be places near the garden entrance lobby.

It is advisable to clean the solar cell regularly to improve its performance and long life. A clear solar cell surface will definitely produce more energy for the pump to push the water into cascade.

Thus if you are unsure about using a solar water fountain in your garden then I urge you to give it a try and see the results and it’s energy conservation.

Copyright Samir Joshi